Video: Update: Russians Refuse To Shake Obama’s Hand

(Editor’s note: This is one time that Snopes got it right and was confirmed by other sources. This event took place in 2009! The clip shown is actually taken out of context and is not a representation of what actually happened. It is Obama that is introducing HIS staff to the Russians.

We are sorry about this oversight and will try to do better next time. We also appreciate those who are looking out for us and keeping us honest!)

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  1. We all know this will never make the Main Stream Media feeds, cause it might actually wake up some of the lemmings wanting to know why they wouldn't shake his hand.

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I loved the look on oblameo's face.
    Wonder if he's going to run to Hillary and cry "They won't play with me!"

  3. We the People says:

    Why doesn't he just quit?
    Nobody wants him here, even our international neighbors don't recognize him as a world leader

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