Video: United Impeach Obama Protest – Tax Day Tea Party

Several groups came together and held an impeach protest on an overpass, where Park Boulevard crosses Interstate 5 in Balboa Park in San Diego California. The is the coverage by Fox 5 News. There were about 20 participants.

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  1. jamesbaxter says:

    impeach this turncoat obama has told so many lies i cant write all them down IMPEACH OBAMA

  2. Sideshow says:

    That Kenyan turd can't be called a turncoat…
    A turncoat starts out having allegiance to his country and at some point turning against it…
    That muslime usurper has NEVER had allegiance to America, and in fact has burned the midnight oil for the last 30 years trying mightily to destroy America…
    Why else would the POS hold his hands over his gonads during the National Anthem, instead of holding his hand over his heart ???
    Because his heart is in Nairobi…where he was actually born.

  3. jalina stutte says:

    Not only Impeach the Kenyan but charge him with the murders in Bengazhi and he probably is involved in the Boston Bombings. This was a terrorist attack and wait and see it was muslims that did it with Obama's blessings, after all this is his chosen people. This is why he wants to disarm us to make it easier to conquer us!

  4. RacerJim says:

    Protests like this need to happen all over the country ASAP and, moreover, go as far as disrupting normal traffic on major commuter roads and downtown streets. That’s the only way to get the mainstream-media to start giving some traction to the most anti-America POTUS in history.

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