Video: Two And A Half Men Star Trashes Own Show

‘Two and Half Men’ star Angus T. Jones, who has been playing the character Jake since the show’s beginning in 2003 and is a Seventh-day Adventist, said in an interview that people should not watch the show he stars in because it is “filth.”

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  1. Peaver Bogart says:

    At least on Two and a half men they don't go around killing everyone like some show on tv now a day. It's a TV show people! Get get over it.

    • To Peaver Bogart,
      It is hard to get over it, the other day my 10 year old Nephew was watching this show, in the episode to women got married to each other and I was appalled that these writers would put this garbage in. My 10 year old nephew explain the reason for their marriage and I turn to him to let him know that this is not acceptable and to please do not believe that this is normal nor OK. It is NOT!!

      If we do not teach our children right from wrong, these liberals will teach our children that anything goes as long that it feels good and that it is ok. This is NOT OK. I don’t care on how many marches these homosexuals have or parades there in, it is wrong and it will never be right under God’s laws, Marriage is between one man and one woman, not same sex. This is the what these new shows are about, teaching immorality and perversion. I applaud that young actor for speaking out, he is correct.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Angus didn't mind taking the money and did the spook next to him put him up to this.However he is right you should never watch those liberal news networks like NBC,MSNBC,CBS,CNN and ABC it fries your brain.I wonder if Angus had a woody when the new slut with the awful hairdo Miley Cyrus was rubbing on him.

    • Edward, I haven’t watched that FILTHY load of excrement in years. And, by the way, Cyrus looks like doo doo, doggie poo now, doesn’t she? She looks like a used up old whore, with that brash, harsh, ugly looking blonde bimbo hair! Any beauty she had is gone now, including the beauty that she had inside. Holloweird has chalked up another Blond Bimbo. Jake is right though,( Angus), he has a point, it IS filth!

    • Angus was a little boy when he started. What did he know? He grew up and discovered it was bad. Let's applaud him instead of being so negative. You agree with him and then everything afterwards is an insult. Really? Then you want to be mad because there is a black person on screen with him. Whatever happened to just saying "Good job,"?

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