Video: Twitter Blocked Users From Linking To Pro-Phil Robertson Website

Conservative and Christian websites often have more problems being blocked that porn websites. Nearly all of the largest social media and Silicon Valley companies are controlled by allies of Barack Obama and big government. To find conservative websites you have to go out of your way. Thank God we still are online.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    Should anyone be surprized these are the programs that talk about equality as long as it's their views your promoting.I'll guarantee you if it was a muslim terrorist saying what Phil said they wouldn't have the balls to block it.

  2. Linda From NY says:

    If people who care about our freedom of speech and care about what God has to say about homosexuals if they were smart they would BOYCOTT Twitter. I am tired of these Liberals with their political correctness, this is what is destroying our Country

    We have a lot more power then we think, boycott all leftist lying media news and watch their ratings go down, do not buy or support any of these leftist liberal actors and singers or stores that support these liberals.

    I heard it is working, I read that NBC's ratings are down and they are cutting back, they are losing lots of money. Viewers got smarter and decided not to watch and support lying media news and don't buy their newspapers or products, money speaks louder then words

    You see it does work, BOYCOTT all of these Leftist Liberals. And coming next Nov 2014 get out and Vote OUT all Demoncrats

  3. How can we impeach someone who is not legally the President Of The USA. He was never eligible to run.

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