Video: Top 10 Reasons Mohammed Is Not A Prophet Of God

We post this video in a spirit of open dialogue and honest discussion, hoping that Christians, Muslims, and others will seek the truth in harmony. We invite everyone to share your relevant comments and criticisms below…

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  1. Seeks_the_truth says:

    Very interesting and informative video. A good way to understand the beliefs of the muslim cult. Provides solid information for those who don't wish to even touch the ungodly fictional book called the koran.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    10) mumadman first impressions were demonic thru angel gabriel. mumadman thought he was possessed (Majnun) instead of receiving revelations from God. This is not a prophet!
    9) mumadman continually tried to kill himself while and after receiving revelations from God. This is not a prophet!
    8) mumadman’s treatment of captives is to animalistically rape them. This is not a prophet!
    7) mumadman’s treatment of wives is to beat them into submission. This is not a prophet!
    6) mumadman is not mentioned in the Bible NOR THE QUR’AN, thus was an anti-Christ and a FALSE prophet!
    5) mumadman forced his own adopted son (Zayd) to divorce his wife (Zaynab) so that mumadman, the father, could marry her. Then mumadman received a revelation from God to abolished adoption all together. This is not a prophet!
    4) Qur’an states that false prophets (making up revelations like above) shall die by slicing their life vein. mumadman is poisoned by a jew after mumadman killed her family. mumadman then received a revelation that in a couple years the poisoned sheep will cut off his aorta. THUS BY THE QUR’AN HE DIED AS A FALSE PROPHET!!!
    3) mumadman at 54 had sexual intercourse with a nine-year-old child (Aisha married at 6) after her first menstruation. This is not a prophet!
    2) mumadman received a revelation from Satan that prayers to the pagan daughters of allah would be received by allah. This is not a prophet!
    1) mumadman’s teachings (Qur’an) contradict the torah and gospel (both affirmed by allah), thus mumadman affirmed revelations conflicting with islam since the Qur’an contradicts the Bible (gospel) in many ways:
    Gospel teachings: Jesus died on the cross for our sins, rose from the dead, and is the son of God. islam and mumadman (Qur’an) affirms none of this!
    islam teachings: muslim religion does not recognize God as the creator of all things nor that Jesus is his son.
    Prophet David is quoted in both scriptures as stating the messiah (son of God) sits at the right hand of God. Totally contradicting the Qur’an! THUS BY THE QUR’AN MUMADMAN IS A FALSE PROPHET!!!
    Unlike mumadman, a Prophet of God does NOT hope to garner loyalty by promising his followers that they may kill his enemies, steal their property and sell their families into slavery.
    Other reasons:
    11) mumadman financed his religious and political community by robbing the trade caravans that passed through his area on their annual trips between Arabia and Syria.
    12) mumadman lied to his wife to get her out of the house so that he could sleep with the slave girl he had given her as a gift.
    13) mumadman called other men to follow him, and then watch them die one after the other in the battles he instigated to build his empire while giving them promises of the sexual Paradise that awaited them.
    14) mumadman beheaded 800 Jewish men who had lived in his city for centuries for the simple reason they refused to accept him as their leader.
    15) mumadman traded the Jewish wives and daughters of the men he had just beheaded for weapons and horses.
    16) mumadman was so fearful of criticism that he would send a man at night to kill the mother of a nursing child because of the poems she had written against him.
    17) mumadman sentenced a woman to death by having her limbs attached to camels that moved in opposite direction pulling her apart, then behead her and parade her severed head through Medina.
    18) mumadman tortured a young Jewish tribal leader to death to obtain his money, and then marry his 17-year old widow the same night.
    mumadman could allow his followers to have sex with their female slaves as well as their prisoners of war, whether or not they were married, and be a prophet of God?
    Could/would Jesus do any on these mumadman’s atrocities? NO

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