Video: Time To Consider Divorce/Separation From America?

This video is based on a new editorial by Joseph Farah, founder and publisher of

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  1. My wife and I are open to leaving America, in fact we would love to leave this country if only there was a place like the U.S. used to be. We are sick of watching America crumble under the weight of so many people trying to change us into a communist society where God has no part of our lives. I hope that we find such a place as it is so hard watch the destruction of such a previously wonderful country.

  2. We have let this happen by not standing up to these evil people! we must stop letting people from all over the world to move here and change us! the mexican anchor babies were part of the obama votes! Close the Boarders and put a no vacancies sign on the statue of France{liberty}! we are loosing our country because you American brothers have sat on your thumbs far to long! some of you didn't even vote{shameful} fools! go to every protest and help take our country back!!!

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