Video: Thugs Beat Up Mom Over How She Parked Car

Violence in our society doesn’t even take a break for Christmas. I guess you could call this flash mob in a car.

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  1. Stand-UP4YourRIGHTS says:

    YAH. . . I know who they are. . . IDIOS'OS SKUMBAG'OS!
    MAN-O-MAN are they lucky she didn't have a "Conceal and Carry" permit.
    She would have been TOTALLY in her right to protect herself and her children.

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    Lets coddle more of those illegals and give them amnesty because all they want is to make a living for their families.It's too bad she wasn't carrying she could have saved the police the trouble of looking for them.Even if they catch them Obuttholes policies would be to let them slide.Holder would throw the mom in jail for provoking the incident.One way to stop this no amnesty just round them up and shbip them back the whole stinking family.

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    People from Seminole County, like me, are fuuking crazy, but I'm not a crazy spick!

  4. just some more of obama's tribe. the police are not looking for them because it would do no good if they did find them. holder would just rush down and give them all blow jobs and buy them diner..have to feel sorry for the dumbocrats cause it's all their fault for voting to lose health care ,higher taxes more taxes. less jobs. boy are they smart.

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