Video: Thomas Sowell – Race Riots If Obama Loses

KABC talk show host Larry Elder interviews one of America’s greatest living thinkers, Thomas Sowell, who predicts race riots if Obama loses.

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  1. John Galt says:

    Either way, "We The People" are VERY WELL PREPARED

    • Chuck Holmes says:

      We weren't well enough prepared for the likes of Obama!! I hope he is investigated and exposed after he leaves office.

      • People were not listening to the facts, they allowed emotion to overwhelm them, for those who were paying attention NOTHING he has done surprises us,we KNEW it was coming. No one wanted to listen to us back then, but many HAVE regretted it, and I hope enough that will vote for Romney this time we need an adult in the Presidency that is not enamored with "glitz and glamor", but motivated because of a love for the Nation that is the 1st to have been founded as a Republic, and promote freedom to the individual. That also means personal accountability and responsibility. I do believe that this "season" we have endured has awoken the American Spirit that knows it is the individuality within each of us that made this country great, it is the ones who put lives and property on the line to forge ahead inventions, free enterprise, education, as well as PROTECTING our borders and country. I am an immigrant, adopted by a soldier who refused to marry my Mom without the adoption of my brother and I. I have lived in other Nations, and seen the destruction of several nations not long after WWII, and I chose to learn history. Our small city in Holland was a sea port town where much of the Nazi war machine received goods from. My great grandfather fought in the Dutch Underground. To see even Europe lose part of it's "lessons" is disturbing, but seems like even they are coming back to reality. We must never give up, but press on, and know that indeed we are the greatest country on God's green earth, even as we scramble to overcome, as a Nation, we have done it before, and I believe the hearts of Americans are the most loving and unselfish of any people, yet we are tired of being rail-roaded by policies that allow for sluggards and our enemies to overwhelm us because of crazy "utopian ideas", that never work. At our founding it was tried, and many died because they "waited for the others to do the work"…..when they were assigned acreage and expected to work it themselves, guess what they thrived! History is always worth reading….there is always golden nuggets there to light our way. Now the era of delusion is about to end, as reality survives while perception deceives.

      • Agree we aren't well enough prepared. o's army's
        remember he invited inter pole onto our soil, brought 20,000 of his pals here, + all those already here, ows, the well armed civilian army of who? unions etc.

  2. Stealth Sapphire says:

    Bring them on….if they come near my home, I can introduce them to Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson….and my pet "Glock". We can party if they want to.

  3. Time to pray that does NOT happen! My husband and I have been thinking that for a long time, so been praying it DOES not happen when he is rightfully defeated. He is losing because of his policies and all that he has done to bring this country down, simple as that. I have many black friends and I know a fair percentage will be distraught when he loses, but sane, not crazy. Welfare to wok was a gift, and many made use of it until O decided he would change the rules. God Bless this Nation that has maybe come back to her senses and realized that we are one Nation under Him, and a Republic, not a democracy (mob rule)… and God Bless you both, Larry and Thomas, I have listened to you both for years, and love you dearly!

  4. I have thought that for a while now and so have my friends. They totally make people believe that they are ignorant idiots and will use the election as an excuse to riot.

  5. well its not about race , its about idiots, and we have a solution for them…

  6. Keep your powder dry!

  7. Linda From NYC says:

    I have sense this kind of behavior already in other forums, where these people are in support of this president that if you write anything to the contrary they jump all over you then you are accuse of being a liar, stupid etc., and it doesn’t matter to them that this man is destroying our country economically and taking away our freedoms, mainly are the blacks that get offended. Also it amazes me when I see a white person young or old supporting this man and I stop to wonder don’t they care enough to see what this man is doing to our country? I hate to say this but one of my own relative supports this president and I have gotten into heated arguments trying to make this relative understand that obama is not for America’s best interest nor for the future of generations, if he is not defeated by Nov 6, we may not have a America, it scares me to think about it. I have a feeling that he would change the law and serve more terms then what we would like, he is capable of anything, he must be defeated or we lose. May God Bless America

  8. Deepizzaguy says:

    I just hope Thomas Sowell is wrong. But I doubt it.

    • We can pray that it doesn't happen, and I do believe prayer is a mighty force when we ask with honesty and love. I do not want to see harm come to anyone and I believe that sanity will prevail, no matter what the useful idiot media try to tell us. It is people like Thomas and Larry that can make a difference together with information, and us deciding to stay the higher ground. Each one of us needs to think less about riots and more about touching others lives with truth and love. And no I am not saying one should be unprepared, but none of us need assume the worst. The hope we can have rests in Almighty God who knows exactly what is ahead, and will equip each one of us. I do not believe any of us wants to see our Nation destroyed from within which is what Khrushchev and others promised to do to us, so we too must be aware but not with our powder dry as much as calloused knees.

  9. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm inclined to go along with this learned man Thomas Sowell.Blacks and liberal democrats will cry foul and as we know blacks like to riot and burn cars and rob black businesses this will happen.Larry Elder is no slouch either he is also a learned man who doesn't go by the color of your skin.

  10. Civil War II?
    Liberty vs Tyranny?
    Bring It On!
    “As for me, give me liberty or give me death.”

    Vietnam Veteran

  11. This is nothing but scare mongering. There will be no more rioting than there was when Bush beat Al Gore and John Kerry. The American people have got better things to do than riot over elections. Like keeping up with sports results even if they have no job.

  12. This Thomas Sowell is nothing but a scare mongerer. There will be no more rioting than there was when Gore and Kerry lost.
    The American people have better things to do than riot over an election. Like watching American Idol. And with the football season in full swing they only have 3 days to think of anything else. Tuesday. wednesday, and thursday.

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  14. Let me say that all Mr Sowell's comments are WAY OFF THE MARK.. The spurious election of illegal alien Barry/Obama is commented here as if it were legal. This ILLEGAL Alien was INSTALLED, No American in their right mind would vote to have a radical NOBODY with NO history or background to the Office of the Presidency. It was all done through COMPUTER FRAUD AND VOTER FRAUD. All these voting machines were HACKED, HACKED HACKED to show the numbers in his favor including the ELECTORAL COLLEGE… CONGRESS ONE AND ALL ARE COMPLICIT IN THIS GOVERNMENT COUP. WE HAVE BEEN TRICKED AND ROBBED BY OBAMA THE RADICAL THUG AND HIS BLACK PANTHER WIFE… Fist Bumper Michelle… OBAMA AND MICHELL HAVE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN OFFSHORE ACCOUNTS AS THEIR PAYOFF FOR COMMUNIZING OUR COUNTRY.. DID YOU KNOW THIS? … DON'T BE A SUCKER AGAIN…DEMAND THE POLLS BE CLOSED TILL WE ALL KNOW WHO THIS CRIMINAL AND HIS WIFE REALLY ARE!!!!

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