Video: Third Term For Obama? Absolutely!

If Obama remains in power and not removed due to his ineligibility, I don’t think he will ever leave…

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  1. Yes, Obama the usurper. We are already a 3rd world country. Laws are ignored and the whims of the dictator rule.

  2. David Chandler says:

    As long as the Senate is dominated by Liberal progressives impeachment is a none starter.
    That being said, we should impeach the president before he wears the Royal Purple. All nine Supreme Court Justices ought to be Impeached for violating the peoples trust interpreting the Constitution.
    Key members of the Senate and House ought to be impeached as well. We need to clean house.

  3. David Chandler says:

    What we need to focus on is his source of power, our money and a bought Senate. To stop the madness we need to repeal the two amendments that have allowed this. The 16th and 17th Amendments granted the Central Government the authority to take our wealth in the form of an income tax. The 17th Amendment silenced the States voice in the Federal Government and removed a vital check against the central government.

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