Video: The White House Disinformation Campaign On Libya

From UN Ambassador Susan Rice to Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama the Obama Administration lied to the American people about the Libyan consulate attack, resulting in the deaths of Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other Americans. For two weeks America was told it was due to an anti-Muslim video when intelligence knew within twenty-four hours that it was an al-Qaeda-linked terrorist attack. When will this Administration stop lying to the America people and when will the mainstream media call them on their lies?

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  1. Mr. President/Usurper General,
    Those so called "Bumps in the Road" had names and Families, and for you denigrate their memory for your own Political aggrandizement is Shameful!! It should also be condemned as an Act of Treason, since you had been forewarned about the attacks and yet DID NOTHING!! You are a Traitor to the U.S. and it's Citizens and the ONLY proper recourse is for you to be Arrested, and Sent to Trial with 4 Counts of Premeditated Murder and 4 Counts of Conspiracy to commit Murder!!

    • Oh and I should mention, the only Reason you would get a Trial is because I believe in the U.S. Constitution and it states that you should get "Due Process of the Law".


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