Video: The Video That Killed Obama’s Re-Election

Anyone who watches this video montage will never vote for Barack Obama—or any Democrat for that matter!

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  1. For the Republican version, watch the 2012 RNC convention and other videos.
    End corruption and partisanship
    End the parties
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  2. If you believe Bush had ANYTHING to do with our current worldwide financial crisis, you owe it to yourself to go to and download "Siren's Song – America's Betrayal". Spread the truth. Pass this site along to your friends.

  3. IDIOTS ALL of them!!

  4. This is it!!! Why isn't he RUNNING for his life instead of re-election. This so called man is despicable

  5. i have been seeing that vision for several years.. constantly in church sessions… obama and the bilderbergs are going to do it… they are going to start WW3.

  6. From MATHABA and others:
    'The recent massive victories against the U.S. illegal occupation of Libya and the violation of laws and commission of crimes which are punishable by death, resulting in the deaths of 4 senior U.S. spies have been downplayed by foreign occupation media which portrays a picture opposite from reality….

    After the heroic mission which claimed the lives of 4 senior CIA officers in Benghazi the U.S. and its allies are covering their failure to find even one single person responsible as the resistance melted back into the ranks of the masses.

    The heroic attack upon the U.S. spy den in Benghazi which came after several hours heavy exchange of fire with the U.S. troops in the building, was a total success with the building gutted by fire which claimed the lives of 4 infidels, without even a single loss of Libyan life.

    The occupation media subsequently attempted to lie about Libyan casualties yet was not able to produce a single body in evidence, whilst the four alien agents of Hilary Clinton and the U.S. zionist and oil lobbies, included top spies in Libya and also U.S. ambassador Stevens.

    The resistance itself has taken on new and shifting alliances, after many Muslims in Libya who were previously moot in their support for the Jamahiriya which had become corrupted as widely reported on Mathaba News in recent years, but who have found a strong bond in times of hardship by reading Qur'an, the Law of Society in the Libyan Jamahiriya, and seeing that Jihad is called for against the infidels.

    The masses of Libyans are able to see through the manifest hypocrisy of the loud-mouthed but uneducated fools laying pretence at Islam such as the so-called and self-appointed "Grand Mufti", as well as the drug-crazed and psychotic "brigades" which shout "Allahu Akbar" while committing the most heinous of sins.

    the western occupation forces and businesses hoping to benefit from the occupation of Libya, are for the most part not only ignorant about the Libyan Jamahiriya and its history, as well as the longing of the Libyan people to have their real people's power back, which had been usurped in recent years, but also about the love of the people for their leader, Muammar Qadhafi.

    Moreover, they are acutely unaware of the real feelings of Libyans toward them, as they are blinded by those weak elements who surround them, suck up to them, and almost worship their white asses in a competition for servility and opportunistic connections. '

    Stevens was responsible for assisting the conspiracy to take over Libya starting at Benghazi in early 2011, by any means necessary. No U.S. ambassador has been lost anywhere in the world for the last 40 years, before the promise that Libya will be hell fire for the invaders.
    Several Libyan senior rats, however, have repeated the false claim of Libyan deaths, among them the Libyan rats’ ambassador to the United Nations Organization, Ibrahim Dabbashi. He was reported stating on Wednesday that up to ten Libyan security staff were killed or wounded in the violence.

    Libya’s Great Fool, the self-proclaimed “Grand Mufti”, and self-proclaimed “Sheikh” rat Sadeq Al-Ghariani, in his “fatwa” condemning of the attack and the killings, also stated that Libyan security staff had been killed “protecting the mission”, following instructions of his masters to show Libyan opposition where there was none.

    However, in a tweet, rat Prime Minister-elect, Mustafa Abushagur stated categorically that “no Libyans died in the attack”.

    Various rat military and regime groups, all of which use Facebook pages as their cheap means of communicating to their perceived supporters, at first posted then removed then posted then removed then posted then removed then posted then removed their various statements.

    With constant contradictions among the rat forces every time they squeak they have become the laughing stock of not only Libyans but those who are following developments in the country, with glee, since the world is long tired of western arrogance and warmongering.

    • ———————
      The Libyan bureaucrats’ clampdown on media information is understandable, since they want to hamper solidarity with the Green Resistance.
      MASS DENIAL (by Mark Robinson & Finian Cunningham of “GLOBAL RESEARCH”

      The Green Resistance has been increasingly active since October 2011, as will be shown below. They strike any NATO target they can, and they execute key Libyans who betrayed Gaddafi and sided with NATO. The Benghazi incident was merely their latest blow against what they see as NATO’s illegal occupation of their country.

      Everyone in Libya knows about the Green Resistance, whose members are called “Tahloob” (Arabic for “Gaddafi loyalists”). The denial only happens outside of Libya, by the NATO powers and their dutiful Western mainstream media.

      Because of this denial, and because most of the world’s people have forgotten about Libya, the internet is filled with blind guesses, unfounded claims, and ridiculous counterclaims (especially) regarding the Benghazi incident last week in which (fake) US (SPY) "Ambassador" Christopher Stevens and at least three other American personnel were killed. And the NATO lie factory is operating at full blast.

      On 23 August 2012, Abdelmenom Al Hur, official spokesperson for the Supreme Security Committee, installed by NATO, held a press conference in which he admitted that Gaddafi loyalists had penetrated many official security units. He said that a whole barracks full of heavy armaments was under the control of a pro-Gaddafi cell that he called the Awfia Brigade. (The group’s members call themselves the “Martyr Gaddafi Brigade”.) The same Resistance brigade had briefly occupied Tripoli International Airport back in June 2012.

      After the attack that killed Ambassador Stevens on 11 September 2012, the Resistance managed to shut down the Benina airport in Benghazi, which the US military was using as a drone base.

      With the Resistance firing at US drones, the airport had become unsafe. A Turkish Afriqiyah Airlines flight with 121 people onboard was forced to turn back to Istanbul….
      …NATO powers realize that Libya is far from subjugated and that they are being seriously tasked with crushing the Resistance before it gains critical mass.

      Marines, drones, and warships have been sent to quash the Gaddafi loyalists – but how to find them? Even the FBI declined to “investigate” the latest attack in Benghazi, realizing that it would be pointless.

      Libya presents Washington with another Afghan nightmare – only perhaps worse. If US drones start blasting Libyans, and the US military rounds up tens of thousands of suspected loyalists, then the Resistance can only become stronger. Of Libya’s 5.6 million people, only one in 10 (that is, the population of the eastern city of Benghazi) welcomed the NATO bondage and destruction of their country.

      Meanwhile, the NATO powers do not want the Western public to realize any of this awkward truth. They want you to think that all Libyans are happy under NATO’s “liberation” with their Islamist terrorist proxies….

      …the growing Resistance illustrates, the Western powers did not “liberate” Libya; they invaded a sovereign country and killed massively to execute their real, criminal agenda of regime change and theft of oil resources. Now the people of Libya are resisting this criminal conquest. And that damning truth has to be expunged at all costs.

      Before the Benghazi incident, the corporate media had occasionally mentioned Gaddafi loyalists. After the incident, all such mention has suddenly ceased. The media say that “extremists” attacked the US site in Benghazi. Or “Al Qaeda” or “Islamists” or “terrorists,” or “protesters” – anyone but the Resistance.

      Not true. The Green Resistance lives, and furthermore it is only getting started.

      • from Mark Robinson and Finnian Cunningham of "Global Research" we read:
        'Regarding the Benghazi incident, the mass denial begins with basic facts. For example, most people refer to “the US consulate,” when in reality the US site in Benghazi was not an embassy or a consulate, or even a “compound”. It was a collection of villas (that is, a gated community) privately owned by one Mohammad Al Bishari, who was leasing the villas to US State Department personnel. (12)
        Collectively the villas were what the US State Department calls an “interim facility”. It had a level of security known as “simple lock and key,” meaning it had no bulletproof glass, reinforced doors, US Marines, or other features common to embassies and consulates. (In Mexico, for example, Washington has an embassy and 22 consulates, but in Libya the US government had only a single embassy in Tripoli – and then, after the NATO bombardment campaign, used the Benghazi villas.)
        The corporate media falsely use the term “US consulate” to make it seem that “terrorists attacked US sovereignty”. This justifies the “war on terror,” plus the past destruction of Libya.'

    • I hit the wrong button. I meant to give a thumbs down, NOT UP. Sorry to all that disagree with this nut. I disagree highly also.

  7. Unfortunately, the video is being "preached to the choir". It needs to be made into a Romney campaign ad and put on every station!!! All I see are Obama ads on TV, and I happen to know that there are MANY people here in NJ who are on the fence. If they saw this montage, it could help sway them, I'm sure.

    This video shows the Democrats arrogance and ignorance regarding themselves, their positions and "We the People". Just listening to Boxer addressing the General was pompous and disrespectful on HER part, NOT his! It's not 'about' her, it's about the subject and issue at hand. How smug and egocentric she is.

    They are divisive, racist, anti-life, anti-traditional marriage, anti-God, anti-Constitution, anti-American and pro-socialism. They are for taking away the incentive for entrepreneurs and job creators. This video just proves it out of their own mouths!!

  8. HITLERS _____BACK!!!!

  9. One detail I haven't read many discussing is that, the good citizens of Libya, God help them, are living on the Worlds Larges Aquifer. It is a commodity like gold or oil. This attack by NATO is part of the grand plan for the Europeans/US to steal this country's WATER resources,which Qadaffi was developing. He also was spearheading the effort to establish a gold standard for the combined currency of participating African countries, or dumping the dollar like the BRICS countries and using a gold backed African Dinar!!.. NATO was mobilized to crush this development..and NATO armed the Islamic Fundamentalist Rebels to lead the slaughter.etc.
    All of North Africa would have been filthy rich like a jump out of the stone age. He was ambitious for his people but his enemies got the jump on him..He knew the risks as a soldier. A gallon of gas in Libya costs the average person living there about a dime, yes folks that is a GALLON OF GAS FOR 10 CENTS!. College was free, newlyweds got a starter home..NOW ALL THAT IS GONE the people are in a living Hell thanks to NATO/US .
    He truly loved his country and paid for it with his life..

  10. WOW – All you Obama lovers – enjoy the truth for a change

  11. Now, who's making promises they can't keep??
    My mind was made up many years ago, no more liberal votes, ever, but the idiots weren't paying attention!!

  12. childoftheking1949 says:


  13. Unfortunately, the video is being "preached to the choir". It needs to be made into a Romney campaign ad and put on every station!!! All I see are Obama ads on TV, and I happen to know that there are MANY people here in NJ who are on the fence. If they saw this montage, it could help sway them, I'm sure.

  14. wethepeople says:

    Redistribution of WHOSE MONEY???? I don't have any, and if I didn't earn it, I don't deserve to keep it…right? The Liberal Nanny State Mindset….what's yours is mine, and what's mine is mine. Barack Obama on Steroids for Socialism again.

  15. Send this to Romney to put on national tv

  16. How can anyone in there right minds vote for obama .He has done nothing for this country except drive it into thr ground the worst president we have ever had.



  18. cut off all foreign aid until medicare and social sec are solvent, become energy independant, build our military till no one would dare screw with us, pull all our troops out of middle east and europe, put troops along our southern borders, THEN kick all liberals out of this country and let them live where they want to turn us into on a trial basis, oh yeah arm japan with the most recent nuclear arms to counter chinas growing military, thats what george patton would do to secure our country… lets roll

  19. I thought Carter was the worst Prez ever but Obama has him beat by a long shot I never thought I would see the day that one man could screw up such a great country in just 3 1/2 years and then blame it on someone else this guy has got to go this country cant take 4 more!!!!!!!

  20. di from Oregon says:

    OMGosh, these dems on this video are all nuts, they are just fruit cake material, looney toones if you ask me!

  21. You can always tell a Democrat. You can't tell them much, but you can always tell one.
    Seriously, they CANNOT be reasoned with. Other wise intelligent adults with the mental disorder of Liberalism are religiously devoted to their victim hood mindset.

  22. I wish some big marine would shove Barbara Boxer's head deep up her wrinkled ass where it has always belonged. The level of unread, unstudied ignorance of demokrats will insure our pigs at the trough, billionaire, multi mansion living demokrats rule and exploit the masses of fake news watching morons.

  23. This regime is a racist regime and hates white people, what amazes me is the stupid moronic white people always backing and cheering him on.

  24. Please upload the 14 min. Preview (from our website) onto your site. We are getting ready for the impeachment, we will work together. Thank you and please keep in touch at

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