Not only do we have to worry about the fiscal cliff, a European collapse, Japan running out of money, and a Middle East crisis; but now we have to worry about a government that has no regard for the rule of law.

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  1. Puddentain says:

    The bottom line is that White America is being overtaken….Perhaps not in assets,,,YET,,,but slowly Hispanics are buying up America……What they aren't buying they are getting in Federal Assistance and that is why NOW is the worst possible time to have Obama in Office……We are giving the country away.

  2. This guy is an Idi Amin type of African dictator thug and has gotten himself this far with out any obstruction. That just isnt the way most of us manage our accomplishments — its time for this Odinga-scumbo to lose it is simply time to get this pOs the hell out of there

  3. There should be such an outcry from our Republican leadership and the Republican National Committee that it is heard all over the world. Instead we don't hear even a whimper. They are willing to roll over and play dead. The Republicans whom we entrusted to uphold the rule of law and our Constitution, have betrayed us once again with their lack of passion for the fundamentals that this once great country was founded upon. Instead, they are now discussing ways to adapt to the liberal philosophy of the Democratic party to win next election time. I admire Allen West for carrying the fight to the enemy and challenging the voter fraud that defeated him in Florida. He gave it his best. He is the only one in Washington that I see who has the courage and the intelligence to turn this country around.

  4. All I can say is DIG, DIG, DIG and bring this Anti Christs past life history out in the open, so this ANTI CHRIST can removed and ALL the corruption to an end! THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO END THIS NIGHTMARE!

  5. The people of America if they are Christian need to pray that God steps in and gets this man out of the White House. For our fellow citizens who do not believe in God please ask whoever you believe in to help our country.

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