Video: The State Of The World In ONE Picture

No need for a description. The picture says it all…

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    There is NO blindfold on my eyes and I see it all quite clearly, the ugly a-rab invaders MUST be stopped and removed from OUR country at all costs and by ANY means necessary!!!!
    They have NO rights HERE, NOR do ANY illegal non-Americans!!!!

    • dennis richard says:

      You got it 100% right!!

    • I've been crying about this for a couple of years now, it falls on deaf ears. They have Muslin Terror camps all over, especially in the North East and the Govt. knows about them, yet nothing is done.

      There are videos all over YouTube about this and shows them teaching their members cutting heads off dummy targets.

      • @. FedUp. The reason the gov. Does Nothing About These Camps Is Because They Are Involved In Them…Can't Smack Down What You Support…!!! Cov. is THEM…!!!

        • wayne mann says:

          There is a easy Hide training camp in Georgia and there is a jihad training camp here in the state I live in in Alexandria Virginia. it is only one hour from my home and I have ridden by and it is guarded by US military troops… and I am sure it is funded with American tax dollars. When are you going to get angry America and stand up??? Start overwhelming your government with paperwork and sending emails and phone calls to your congressman and senators. be very adamant about where you stand… start joining protests and sign all of the petitions you can find. a military gentleman on this website three nights ago said… if the American people do not stand up and start protesting yelling and screaming and sending emails and phone calls and signing the petitions we would regrett it. he said please heed his warning or we would be sorry Our military knows great bloodshed is coming.

    • From the Declaration of Independence: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

      Lets take those we disagree with to task on the issues and on policy not on their ethnicity or place of birth. These types of comments prevent an intelligent discourse on conservative principles and values.

      • VirgoVince says:

        Boo Hoo, how far has your approach gotten us over the last 60 yrs????
        The Declaration of Independence was written BY Americans, FOR Americans, it does NOT extend to illegal 3rd world garbage invaders!!!! OUR laws are being ignored and unenforced!!!!
        Take your discourse to huffpo and stay there!!!! You're outnumbered and outvoted, here!!

        • wayne mann says:

          Amen you’re right.!!!! These people are going to commit heinous crimes and nasty bloodshed across this country. I think of our innocent children which are our greatest wealth in America. What do we say to them after this is over and they have no freedom for democracy??? Stand up and start fighting back even if it is just with propaganda…. because their’s has crippled our country. do anything you can to fight back. they use bait and switch and divide and conquer and Obama has it working.

    • I couldn't agree with you more!! I don't want to sound negetive…..but…….it just might come down to pickiing up our arms and going to battle. There are those that say, "No. Don't do that!! That is what they want. They want combat so they can implement Martial Law." I have news for ya!! NO MATTER WHAT…..THEY WANT MARTIAL LAW!!! So…..I would rather go down fighting than to wait around while the sand monkies, commies & illeglas behead me!!!!

    • Amen, Brother these people are not Illegal they are INVADERS, which really should mean War! Never give up your guns!!!

  2. I've had my eyes wide open since Obama stepped into office. I only pray that others will see what is happening to the country I love. It's time to take a stand people!!

    • Candycane says:

      I agree!! I've gone to Washington twice for rallies and keep hoping that we can turn this around before it is too late.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      My eyes have been open since 1982. I was the most vocal when Oblameo first ran for office in Illinois.
      When I meet people, I make sure that after talking with me they can never say again they didn't know.
      The facts are out there. Make sure you repeat them often.

  3. wayne mann says:

    There was a gentleman on the Impeach Obama website last night who was in the military. He said if we don’t start protesting yelling and screaming and attending marches… we are lost. He said to overwhelm Washington with paperwork and contact your senators and congressmen by e-mail and by phone. Sign of the petitions you can accept any that are from the White House…. those never get seen by Congress. It’s time to get angry and stand up America and get the diaper heads out.!!! Start telling everyone contact the congressman and senators tell them do not tread on our Constitution. If the congressman and senators do not hear from the American people they do as they please because they think we are OK with everything. Overwhelm Washington with paperwork phone calls and emails. Everybody is right it is time to take our country back.

    • Now Obama has sent troops into Africa to protect the Rhinos, cuz they are endangered species…I say it Is To Keep Our Military As Far Away From Homeland As He Can So They Won't be here to protect America When the Blue Helmuts Thugs ( TRY ). To TAKE US OVER… NOT GONNA HAPPEN…WE ARE A STAND UP NATION…NOT AFRAID TO FIGHT AND TO DIE FOR OUR COUNTRY…SO BRING IT ( IF ). Ya'all FEEL LUCKY… And want to die in our country…

  4. wayne mann says:

    There was a military man on this website last night. He said if we the American people do not stand up and start protesting and yelling and screaming.. we are gone. He said to contact your senators and congressmen by e-mail and by phone and don’t stop until they are overwhelmed. Find all of the petitions you can find except white house petitions… those are never seen by Congress. He said if we the American people do not need is one thing we will be very sorry later. Does the military nose Obama is going to try to take us over and kill as many as possible. Wake Up America and get angry… if you can join any protest please do so there is the 10 million man march in May. These are a bitch iz and violent people and they are going to kill us.

  5. the democrats are putting every american live in jeopardy, the wh has gutted the military, dhs has taken the rounds inthe us. justice dept obama has given them jobs so they are not going aginst obama, immigration fludding theus with illegals drugs disease gangs, criminals free welfare the list just goes on and on.
    impeach obama take back america

  6. If the Amedicans don-t wake up from their stupor only the EAST picture will prevail

  7. When in the hell is this olc communist bastard going to die or some body kill the son of a bitch. He should have been killed years ago. It would not hurt me at all to see his damn head explode

    • wayne mann says:

      I agree with you wholeheartedly. Maybe the fake president shouldn’t take too many vacations or go golfing too much….. There is probably an American sniper who would love to blow his head up. Hopefully they get his fat arse wife Mooo-chel too.!!!!

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