Video: The Scandal That Ends The Obama Presidency

Ironically, we can thank in part Harry Reid, Barack Obama’s left-hand man, for all this.

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  1. Mr. Root is absolutely correct. Smart man. Only trouble is, nobody is going to follow through with this. Obama has too much power and money handling his puppet strings. Those that do have the ability and influence to push the issue are either being bribed or are being threatened out of it. Just like Clinton was going to bring out the truth until his daughter was threatened. Our only hope is that enough Americans will see the light and Obama will be voted out of office. God Bless America. God Help America.

    • Y ou all are correct.. But hopefully there are still enough honest Americans that will go to the poles and fire Obama and his band of Chicago Mobster types. I want all his past records brought out to expose the fraud that he really is. He is not a native born American and those records, from which passport he used to travel to Pakistan before we had relations with them, to the "Foreign Student Aid money he received at Columbia University to the use of a dead man's Social Security Number till it was discovered.. Put him and all who participated in this scandal behind bars, cancell all laws that he signed into effect and shut down about 400 of the 522 agencies and departments in DC that persist in creating "regulations" that destroy jobs and threaten our way of life starting with the EPA!

  2. rocquedog says:

    Harry Reid and the rest of the scum sucking cockroaches in the admin. are all part of this scheme put forth by Soros and other powerful Globalists. Any halfway intelligent person can see what is going on here. But now it comes down to those citizens that realize the truth but allow the Imposter to continue his charade and destruction of America. Half of the population supports him. That means about 2/3rds of that half are happy to be living on the Govt. teat and the other third is all for living the Communist way of life. Ultimately, the only thing that will clean this mess up is for real Americans to answer the Imposter's martial law (this Fall)with an escalation into a civil war. God Save The Republic!

  3. He is correct! If Ronmey continues to run his election like John McAmnesty, HE WILLO LOSE! Romney needs to show some fire and call out Hussain! I don't want a mealy mouthy azz kisser for president no more than I want a muslim commie like we already have!

  4. Its time to clean up the mess in the capital ,fire the bums , get some real people in that care about us, not
    themselves .

  5. When is someone going to call this fraudulent traitor to task? Those of us with any intelligence know he is not eligible to be President, yet he is being allowed to run as the Democratic candidate once again in spite of it. Those who still have belief in the man are on the take for anything they think is FREE! It is very scary to think of Obama getting elected for a second term so he can finish his destruction of our wonderful country; he has us in the toilet bowl, and four more years will see us being flushed! There is rumour from a White House Whistle Blower that a phony assassination attempt will be made on Obama to prevent the elections from occurring in November. Everyone should be aware of the possibility of this alleged attempted fake assassination so that the country doesn't break out in civil war because of this man. He will declare martial law and make himself Dictator of the United Socialist States of America. He's already bypassed Congress on countless matters, and Congress doesn't stand up to him. Who will stand up to this imposter, I ask? I pray to God every day to send him back under the rock he crawled out of.

  6. BillyJean says:

    Dirty Harry and Son, Obama, holder and nancy the Dingbat and the Clintons, they all need to be investigated, these people play dirty. I would not be surprise if they themselves broken any laws, because they are all dirty.

  7. Jimmy the Peanut Carter was such a poor example of a POTUS it cost the Dems plenty, they regrouped after Pres.. Reagan and vowed to reclaim the throne and hold it no matter the cost and on it went after Clinton keyed on Bush 41 the groundwork was laid. Politicize every agency and never admit to the lies they told or allow a deemer to go to jail unless absolutely necessary. here we with Chi-Town crooks and a card carrying communist marketed for the Oval Office and hasn't got one iota of credential, he is nothing more than con man doing what the agenda calls for and the libs are all for this as though they are going to get something for nothing. These clowns best check their six because what they're going to get is going to be up their butts….__I PLAN ON VOTING FOR THE AMERICAN…Earned credentials, integrity and ethic…

  8. artinthewild says:

    I only hope that all the people involved with this group go to jail where they belong – Obama needs to go to prison for life (and his wife too) as does Harry Reid and Pelosi – perhaps Barney Franks and some other. They are all in collusion with this false American. I get so angry at him. He is literally tearing our country to pieces. I hope that all you voters will not stay home from voting for Mitt because you wanted someone else…He's what we've got – I truely believe that he will do well for America – give him the chance – but throw that feces in prison.

    • Evermyrtle says:

      He has done everything as he has thought of it to harm the country, signed dozens of illegal laws into law,, he has supported every evil that GOD has spoken of, in HIS WORD, HE has committed treason, time after time and nothing has been done to stop his trip "through the china shop." If any of the things he has done against the country had been done by any other president he would have been shipped off along time, ago. In this instance nothing and i mean 'nothing" has been done to slow him down much less stop him. He has had every bit of assistance he needed to get everything done. I appears that nothing or nobody, in DC has even been moving, except Obama.It is totally how he has been allowed to trash America and nothing has been done.

  9. I thought this video was about Obama's fraudulent presidency ending, not a strategy for how it could be ended. Like, the gig was up, the cat was finally out of the bag, Obama was facing some serious jail time or something to that effect. But no. Just another juicy carrot. Blast. Even so, I agree. Mitt needs to call Obama's bluff. Although, you can't count on Barry to play by the rules. If he produced a fraudulent Birth Certificate that -NO ONE- can even see the hard paper copy of, who's to say he wont do the same thing with his College records? Just some documents that look good at first glance and enough to just get him by. I know the mainstream media would buy it and call it a closed case. There's a chance this strategy will shut him up, but there's just as much a chance he'll find a way to cheat it. That's one of the things you can trust Obama to be and that's dishonest.

    • JayDe1313 says:

      Unless, and until the head of the Soros Machine is cut off, O'Slima will have unlimited funding to bend this country, and everyone in it, over when he so desires. Get rid of George Soros, and we will be rid of O'Slima.

  10. These are points I've wondered about for years.
    We need the truth!

  11. I as an American Citizen just want to see the Presidents collage transcripts. What’s the big deal with that? What’s he hiding??? IQ off the charts,I really have my doubts!!!

  12. IF obama's birth announcement in 1961 ha a BIRTH CERTIFICATE to go with it,WHY WAS IT QUESTIONED IN 1961???

    • It was. FATHER UNKNOWN. MOTHER – MULE COMMUNIST RAISED IN THE LITTLE RED CHURCH ON THE HILL. Maybe. With all the surgery scars it will be impossible to know by looks alone who this Quisling really is. Remember in the 60's Jane Fonda adopted several abandoned PANTHER children, that is when she wasn't over campaigning for Pol Pot and his murderous gang whilst laughing at our troops and dissing America at every opportunity. Maybe he is Jane and Ted Turn her's adoptive son. Who knows, since nothing but lies spew from their mouths to cover their nepharious deeds. We the people do not need to know any more of the disgusting distorted details about the thing posing as leader of the Communist NWO crowd, which consists of the amazingly low number of about 15,000 people ( the term people is used loosely here). Because the more you learn, the deeper the hole. It all leads to no place good . . SATANIC SEEDS – MAY THEY ALL WITHER IN THE ROCKS. In the meantime this creature must be removed and contained PERMANENTLY, no matter who he actually is. Not because of his past, but because of his tyranical grip over the last free country on earth and his many financial, spiritual and physical crimes against WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA! And to you referee's out there IT IS NOT A FAIR FIGHT and you know it!

  13. Show Me – Who (and what) Are You, We Really Need To Know – and we will find out. You better have a very deep hole to hide yourself in when your hidden history is revealed.



  15. The reason that this story will NOT end soetoro's CROOKED REIGN is that NO LIBERAL TV CHANNELS WILL EVER REPORT IT !!!! CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNBC …..etc…
    I keep getting these reports but I ALREADY HATE SOETORO & I am voting for Romney !!
    If the COMMUNIST TV Stations started reporting HONESTLY (which will not happen) all the scandals that soetoro is accused of, their COMRADES of the LIBERAL COMMUNIST DEMONCRAT PARTY CULT COULD GO TO JAIL ALONG WITH soetoro !!! They can't let that happen !!!

  16. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    As a foreign student he also met Ayer's mother — there are deep connections within that family alone that creates an anti-American affiliation. Obama is a sponsored terrorist!

  17. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Time to drain the Swamp dry!

  18. Disgusted says:

    “THE Scandal”???? Geez, there have already been how many SCANDALS! How many more do we need, or how many more does anyone need to prove, PROVE that this WALKING SCANDAL HAS SO MANY SCANDALS THAT HE IS ONE SCANDAL RIGHT AFTER ANOTHER!! If there were an advertisement for LIES AND SCANDALS, HE COULD BE THE POSTER BOY FOR THEM ALL! This is why I call him the Son of Satan, because his true father is the Father of All Lies! Whoever the sperm doner was is beside the fact, for the real father was the devil himself. He may be half black, and half white, but somewhere in that gene pool lies the root of his real being, he is a son of satan just as surely as we know he is the Worst thing to have ever happened to America!!! He is a human time bomb, and full of explosive scandals yet to come. If we don’t want more of the same, and worse, we have to put someone else in that White House.

  19. Edwardkoziol says:

    When will some reporter or news commentator go after Dingy Harry and how he and his familt became millionaires.This evil dwarf is sent out to be little Romney and that phony Mitch McConnell has said a word and ask the evil little dwarf how his land deals went.It is time to dump the nice guy image because people thrive on scandals to prove this just look at the shows on TV they watch.

  20. schnitzelschitzen says:

    The obama administration, people like harry reid and nancy blinking pelosi are the leaders of that swamp in Washington DC. Our Nations Capitol is just reeking of filth and corruption. The very reason that this Manchurian Candidate is in our White House is because our Senate and Our Congress is heavy laden with corrupt bought and paid for politicians and obama knows who they are. The remedy is to completely drain that cess pool and vett our candidates from their birth to their present and watch every move they make when they represent us.

  21. Seth Byers says:

    I can’t believe this is a real site. This 1940’s Nazi propaganda you people should be ashamed to call yourselves Americans. There used to be a time when people stood behind their president, not just their political party. I have no political party of choice. People should use your time and energy more constructive and stop pushing your religious beliefs on everybody else when it has no place in political views or discussions.

    • Seth, Constitutional Less: The Nazi party is far left. Far left = total govt. control, Far Right = Anarchy. The United States is supposed to be governed as a limited federal republic with enumerated and very limited powers.

      Religious beliefs do come in to play – please read the First Amendment.

      Please don't try to con anyone into thinking you are not a liberal – you gave yourself away in a couple places in your post. In the US we have the freedom to choose who we stand behind.

  22. The unfortunate thing is that Boehner and others in Congress have to grow a pair and start an investigation on Obama's elegibility. But they and the courts are chicken. How can one man (Obama) scare so many. What does he have on these people to keep them quiet? The Judges that voted in Obama's favor have probably been bought off. C-mon Congress get with it, get some balls. Enough evidence is out there. Just open your eyes and minds, amazing what you will find out.

  23. charles brown says:

    obama born africa

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