Video: The Racial Chris Matthews Meltdown You May Have To Watch Twice!

Hey everybody, Chris Matthews thinks that if you disagree with Obama, you’re a racist. Now there’s a new one! I had no idea he held such an opinion.

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  1. Matthews thinks Obama is perfect? Really? Where has he been for the past four and a half years? He must be desperate. His statement sounds like a guy that's quickly losing ground. I'm also guessing by the disturbed expression on his associate's face, that he was off script. I can tell by his self-rating of coming off too strong that he's full of himself. Nah, keep it up, Chris. I'm sure there's room for two in the same boat as Olberman. That is, if MSNBS were smart, they'd drop him before their ratings match that of CNN.

  2. Chrissy thinks hussein is perfect? He must be comparing him (hussein) to himself.

  3. Seeks_the_truth says:

    I think I need to be checked for diabetes after watching this sickening sweet attempt at commentary.
    Chris Matthews (a.k.a. thrill up the leg) has a bad case of idol worshiping.
    The failure is perfect? Only if you forget the many attacks on the Constitution. Only if you ignore his use of ILLEGAL drugs.
    Well old Matthews is down to 100,000 viewers. After this let's hope his count heads down to 10,000 and they finally can his ass!

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