Video: The Obama Economy Isn’t Working

Barack Obama has gutted the U.S. economy.

Record unemployment. Record number of people on food stamps. Record number of people in poverty. Record gas prices.

The national debt is at record levels also, but more than that is a threat to our national security.

The question is whether Obama is indeed a failure, or was his “failure” planned—that is, is Obama’s plan to gut America’s economy and turn her into a Third World country for what Obama perceives as her past sins?

If that is the case, that is treason.

Either way, whether Obama is a failure or a traitor, he must go in November.

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  1. wow …we are still stuck on wheather he is a failure or not….really

  2. NOTHING ovomit has done is working, except his destruction of OUR country!!!!

  3. Unless/until the lamestream-media removes its collective head from deep inside OVOMIT’S butt it doesn’t matter how big or how bad a failure he is.

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