Video: The Obama Birth Certificate Investigation, Exploded

AMERICAN FREE PRESS reporter Pete Papaherakles elaborates upon his research into Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation into Barack Obama’s birth certificate and his discussion with the Cold Case Posse’s lead investigator, Mike Zullo, in this revealing interview.

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  1. America has been so thoroughly Balkanized that there is no one group that can resist. They are all leaving, and becoming Ex-Pats asap. Yes this absurd situation exists because we do not have a representative government and we are essentially ruled by Corp-USA/Big Banks Fed Res et al.. Congress and the Judiciary are mum because they are also employees of Corp-USA. The average person DOES know this and is too broke (financially) to escape the now full blown Fascist USA. That is how an illegal undocumented alien has been handed the White House/Executive Branch by his bosses. And he is VERY well paid indeed!

    • I believe the real problem is Congress who didn't vet him and refuses to do an investigation despite the obvious overwhelming evidence. If Congress does investigate they would then be exposed as being conplicit in allowing a Constitutionally inelgible foreigner the presidency. The Democrats headed by the then speaker of the House – the brainless communist, Nancy Pelosi, should be tried for treason – they took an oath to protect and defend the Constitution – which the members Congress did not do.

  2. Asleep at the Wheel? Accept anything you are told without proof and verification? Don't be an idiot or you get whatever the storytellers will allow you to keep and lose more than you can imagine.
    Too many documents under lock with only what HE (or they) wants you to know.

  3. Angelicsweep says:

    If someone has NOTHING to hide, why would they spend MILLIONS of dollars to keep it hidden from view? What I would like to know is WHY would it matter about his SCHOOL RECORDS? Unless it showed he went to college as a foreign student. Same about is passport…what difference would it make who saw it UNLESS it showed him as an Indoneisan citizen? All this should have been taken care of BEFORE he was installed into the Whitehouse. But we have a congress who if someone were ever to cave and tell the truth, everyone of them would fall like dominos, so they are not going to admit to anything about KNOWING obama was ineligible. TWO people knew for sure and they shouldn’t be let off the hook and those people are nancy pelosi and hillary clinton!

  4. you tube has every video that soetoro and his supposed wife, shouted to the world, he's a kenyan. a freakin kenyan born indonesian citizen and undocumented illegal alien. a bloodless coup has ocurred, where the supreme court has capitulated, where the joint chiefs have capitulated, where the congress has capitulated, where the senate has capitulated. where the remnants of a free press have capitulated and have become a josef goebbels inspired propagandist media. his fiercest protector is john pelosi, er, boehner. so, what's to be the outcome?? if it's an american outcome, the gallows will be built at leavenworth, and the hangings will take about 3 months to complete. if not, well, what do y'all think??

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