Video: The End Of America As We Know It: Why Barack Obama Should Resign Immediately

The filmmaker behind “Innocence of Muslims,” a film that some blame for the Middle East riots, was taken into custody. Is this the end of the First Amendment as we know it?

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  1. OH God..that would be nice…but he'll lie & cheat till he is defeated!

  2. Ken Michael says:

    As a taxpaying still free American I request and demand this POS we call POTUS either resign ASAP or be place under arrest for his treasonous acts against America !! It's time for the kid gloves to come off and this pretender to the throne recieve his just dues !!! Congress do your job already !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Dream on idiots, like that will ever happen!!
    My idea is best of all, SHOOT the ugly, useless, worthless, mu-slime ni666er and be done with it!!! Should have been done 3+ yrs ago!!!!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I would love to see what you propose happen, but lets think about it for a moment.
      The wimp is removed, who takes over? The weasel. Can we deal with him as Pres? So we take him down too.
      The wimp and the weasel is removed, who comes to power? The biatch. Can we deal with another round of her?
      So to make it work, we have to take out the wimp, the weasel and the biatch.
      We're stuck in a catch 22..

      • Aw, c'mon, Seeks, you know better than that!! You mean Piglousy, she's not next in line anymore, it falls on Speaker of House, Boener!! OK, chill, he's not much, but he's American and he isn't going to destroy what's left of our country!! Anyway, Biden wouldn't be nearly the trouble of ovomit, he isn't even smart enough to be the next puppet!! he could be managed by OUR people, not theirs!!
        WE gotta STOP playing nice and show them WE mean business, with follow-up!!

        • Edwardkoziol says:

          Your right Boner would take over but even Howdy Doody would be better then the Wimp and the Weasel.The best part is w only have to buy Boner a box of kleenex.By the way your idea is good but it would be better if he tripped and broke his neck falling down all those stairs going down from Air Force one that way it's his own fault and nobody gets arrested.

  4. He just needs to go. Ed

  5. I have to wonder if they are not connected in some manner? A supporter of Obama as seen by his large contribution, and the film that supposedly caused the storm of attacks which all to wells plays into Obama's agenda and those of the Muslim Brotherhood

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    Because he's a lousy president and should fall on the sword to save America.all the boon wants to do is turn this oncegreat country into European socialist type country.

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