Video: The Democratic Party’s Long History Of Racism

Vice President Joe Biden accused the GOP of wanting to put people in chains. Were his words taken out of context, or could this be another racist sentiment at the core of the Democratic party?

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  1. Mutantone says:

    How great his logic and truth got to love the Zonation

  2. If you aren't touring you should be! I hope you make it to the RNC convention! Stay the course and God Bless!

  3. gunner221 says:

    This guy is great. He nails it every time, The Democratic Party was the party of slavery. Lincoln was a Republican. Wow! Not mentioned by the Democratic Party. I wonder why.

  4. Thank you for seeing past the lies and speaking the truth. It's so refreshing to see this! I hope you have opened other peoples eyes to the truth.

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