Video: The Date Obama Joined The Socialist New Party

“Right-wing hatchet man” Stanley Kurtz (the phrase used by the Obama campaign to describe him in 2008) charged that in the mid-1990s, Barack Obama was a member of the socialist/ACORN-connected New Party. Kurtz was pilloried by the mainstream press and stuffed Obama’s ties to the far-Left organization down the memory hole, despite the fact that shortly after Obama was elected, conservative bloggers discovered New Party literature clearly indicating Obama’s close ties to the organization.

Now Kurtz has found the smoking gun, discovering New Party meeting minutes whereby Obama is described as attending a meeting, requesting an endorsement, joining the New Party, and signing a “Candidate Contract.” The date of the minutes indicate January 11, 1996. Additionally, Kurtz has also discovered a list of members with outstanding dues in which there is a column for the date the member joined showing this same date, January 11, 1996.

The question becomes: why was Obama so vehement in his denial of his association with the New Party? Why not simply state that, like his going to “socialist conferences” in the 1980s )as described in Dreams From My Father), that it was simply a period of philosophical experimentation? The problem is that the New Party sought to usher into the United States via a “peaceful revolution” Democratic Socialism, which is the exact form of government that Obama has been attempting to move the country towards since Day One of his presidency. This is the same system that the Western European governments—Greece, Spain, Italy, France—whose economies like dominoes are slowly falling over, tout as the only form of government to promote “social justice.”

It looks like the New Party (that is, the “progressive” offspring) has been successful in leading the United States into the Democratic Socialist mold, as Obama (the Pied Piper) is playing a sweet tune, the country with eyes wide open walking off an economic cliff.

After the U.S. economy collapses—and it will unless Obama’s insane spending spree is stopped—when $16T in debt turns into $20T (or more) after additional “stimulus” funds, “Green” loans, etc., we will cease to be a Republic. We will become Greece. Banks will be nationalized with the energy sector not far behind. And Obama and the “Progressives” will pop the cork on a bottle of champaign and celebrate the dawn of a new era of a socialist utopia—or totalitarian dystopia, depending on how you look at it.

Unless we stop him.

God help us if we don’t.


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