Video: The Case For Impeaching Barack Obama (Part 2)

Border Patrol agent Brian Terry never had a chance, shot in the back with a gun supplied by our own government. Who else besides Barack Obama and Eric Holder were behind the program—Fast and Furious—that shipped thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels, including the AK-47 used to murder Brian Terry? America will never know because on June 20, 2012, Barack Obama invoked executive privilege over the tens of thousands of documents Congress subpoenaed days before it found Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. The only way America will discover who was a part of this perfidious gunrunning program will be to impeach Barack Hussein Obama.

Part 2 of a video series exclusive to Western Center for Journalism, making the case for why Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached immediately. Click here for Part 1.

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    Forget impeach, make that ARREST, TRY, CONVICT AND EXECUTE!!
    ALL done in 2 days!! We've already wasted 5 yrs!!

    • He [Obama] needs to be tried for treason/murder, He hates Americans' and will do ANYTHING TO HAVE His way..Anyone can see just how much he respects America/Americans by shutting down places like WW11 Veterans, plus a lot of other things…'We The People' need to go to OUR W.H and demand for Him to leave or be tried for treason/murder….We Americans know guns were shipped to His Brotherhood plus OUR money…….

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      This is the only way Vince impeachment doesn't mean shit to this Sand Igger.

  2. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Holdme needed help from Obureaucrat’s chicago style shenanigans to get off the hook over F&F. The battle-scarred head of the DOINJ also faced criticism from figures in both parties as well as scornful scrutiny from the media on a more serious challenge of his career, over his department’s investigation of government leaks to journalists. The House Judiciary Committee investigated whether he lied to the panel under oath (and he did!). At that time everyone was saying that Holdme should resign! But, Obisexual still had “confidence” in his butt buddy. Obisexual believes legal cheat niger is “doing a good job, protecting his tight blackhole.” The legal black snake took several actions to crawl away (we haven’t heard from this legal hack in months). At dicktator’s request, the illegal one is reviewing (himself?!?) the DOJ’s process for targeting journalists during its investigations of leaks to the media. Is there any justice in the INJustice Department or any part of this administration?!?

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Eric Mohammed Holder will never be convicted of anything Muslim .Do you think Obutthole would abandon him or that the democrappy party would ever hurt one of their own.They are not like the republican party who is willing to lynch one of their membes,Charlie Rangel got caught and they slapped his wrist saying Charlie you're a naughty monkey so what does Charlie do he gets caught again and this time nothing will happen to that old black fart.

  3. Everyone talking shit on obama its time to show your suppo rt.On 10/11- 10/13 truck drivers everywhere are going to washington to demand the arrest of anyone that has violatedtheir oath and demand their arrest. Support them by calling tour congressmen and demand impeachment and the arrest of anyone in congress or the white house that has violated their oathesti uphold our constituiton

  4. Boehner just needs to get off his bum and start the impeachment proceedings!!!!!!!!


  6. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    This A-hole is behind all American tragedies since 2009 — if only he would turn fast and furious on himself and spare us all the trouble of impeachment. We will next realize he and his minions are responsible for Newtown — yup — an interesting connection to GE wouldn't you say? Evil to the core and he will throw anyone under the bus.

  7. Who has heard a rumor about Obama going to an underground bunker today?

  8. These videos are excellent thank you.
    AZ and TX have known for six years that top cop, Eric the Red Holder and his Muslim loving brother Barrack are destroying our country stating with killing all Federal Laws on every level to deport , to refuse to secure our border, and F & F. New MX and CA are both open border States and could give a rat ase what happens over this issue and just go along like some brain damaged crack head. .
    When Barrack pulled the EX. ORDER to protect his SS officer Eric, the investigation Comt. caved-in after waiting two years for the documents and receiving pages and pages of redacted information.
    Yes, this is treason:
    The cartel business is set up and operational for business in every part of America. Why do think that Chicago is now the most violent city in America.
    Do anyone of you serious believe that the drug ( turf war ) that's been going on under Mayor Emanuel's watch couldn't be stopped. They're all dividing up the spoil called Barry's new stimulus package.

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