Video: The Case For Impeaching Barack Hussein Obama

According to U.S. Code 18 USC Section 2339A, it is a treasonous act to arm a State Department-designated terrorist group. Barack Obama on September 16, 2013 signed an executive order essentially exempting himself from the law in order to allow him to send thousands of tons of weapons to what he calls “freedom fighters”—the Syrian rebels that openly identify with al-Qaeda. The executive order, however, is not retroactive.  This means that the 1000 tons of weapons that our own CIA distributed to the rebels on August 21, 2013— including thousands of shoulder-fired missiles capable of taking down a commercial airliner—is clearly a treasonous act. In fact, this was just one of dozens of weapon transfers prior to September 16, 2013 that the Obama administration has made to a terrorist group that murdered thousands of Americans on 9/11.

Part 1 of a video series exclusive to Western Center for Journalism, making the case for why Barack Hussein Obama should be impeached immediately.

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  1. Yeah, yeah yeah, wake me up when you're finally ready to do something. For 5 years years I've heard the same old story over and over. JUST DO IT!

  2. What are we waiting for?The Muslim Brotherhood taking over America.We are very close as they are in WH,DHS and so on.Wake up people!

  3. I agree. What is holding us back? I have been calling for his impeachment from day#2. Let's get it done.

    • I also have been calling for Boehner to start the impeachment proceedings — even emailing him more than once demanding he start the proceedings. We need our Representatives demand he start the proceedings and also for big buck donors to flat out state they will not contribute any more $'s until Boehner steps down from the Speaker post (immediately)


  4. IMPEACH! He needs to be SHOT! Watch out lowly democrat stooges, or you might need to do a JFK on your islamic communist puppet.

  5. Linda From NY says:

    Impeach? You must mean REMOVE, Obama has never qualify to be the white house janitor let alone our leader, with his phony credentials, it is a fact that his Birth Certificate is forgery along with his phony CT S.S. number

    I say lets have him Remove and sent to prison for the rest of his life for TREASON along with his ugly wife moochella and you might as well take the whole dam democrat party, criminal administration, all of them.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Linda if you read things from me and Julyette impaeching the Sand Monkeysoes no good because the senate can still let him run the country like they did Slick Willy so your right he must be completely removed and then have the White House fumigated to get rid of the stink that moochella and the niglets and the mother in law brought to the house Plus all those lobbyists union leaders and muslims.

  6. VirgoVince says:

    Should have been done 5 yrs ago!!!!

  7. Robert Miller` says:

    This is so on the money. This Dithering Doofus, had it not been for voter fraud & the fact that he's black. would never have gotten near the White House in a million years. He's not qualified, he's nothing but a spoiled brat Chicago hoodlum, completely unqualified for the job. I'm embarrassed everytime he opens his mouth, or appears in the media. He's a disgrace to the office he fradulantly holds.

  8. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    Obama waives ban on arming terrorists to allow aid to Syrian opposition. Notice that waiving this law essentially acknowledges that Syrian rebels are terrorists. And, Obama insists we arm them, an illegal act amounting to treason. Examples of Obama problem-solving:
    Syria: bomb Assad, but give him a year-long advance notice expecting no results, handing the entire situation over to the Russians while arming our enemies in Syria (animals who behead children.)
    Promise no boots on the ground in Syria, under any circumstances, unless it becomes necessary.
    Use every opportunity to demonize Republicans, even as police are trying to handle a mass shooting event on a military installation in the Capitol, just before claiming the economy is in recovery.
    Cut military spending to dangerous new lows in a time of war, remove much of the nuclear deterrent, and cater to the demands of the Russians and the Chinese. Then tell people that national security is your number one priority.
    Alienate allies, cozy up to enemies, fund Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood, foment war and conflict (Libya, Egypt), and then call all Conservatives enemies of the state.
    Threaten the U.S. intelligence community with prosecution for doing their jobs to secure the country, weaken our security, and then complain when breaches occur, blaming it on Republicans and the sequester (a financial maneuver that was his idea originally.)
    Cause Benghazi, lie about Benghazi, cover up Benghazi, ignore Benghazi, and lie about it some more.

  9. Why is there no contact form on here? What is signing a petition going to do? A formal motion to remove him must be drafted and filed immediately.

  10. Helen Tritt says:

    No impeachment, just REMOVE, ARREST, PROSECUTE for all of the HORRENDOUS CRIMES HE HAS COMMITTED and let him rot.

  11. Ellen Taylor says:

    Obama care is not really care, it is far from that. Read the details do some investigation and know what your president is doing to you, not for you. This is critical Americans and we need to impeach him immediately. We are going to be subjected to extremely high prices on everything. How do you expect to support your families America when you are paying such high prices for insurance? Insurance premiums go up, then everything in the market goes up because companies you work for are not going to be able to support you as an employee. You will be paying for the insurance on your own because Obama is making the "free" American do it. This country is built on the foundation of freedom not dictatorship. Our own president does not even know our own constitution or rather he flat out does not follow the constitution. The constitution is set in place for our protection, as citizens of the U.S.A., and our current president is violating that right. A true authentic American president who has Americans best interest in mind would not do that. Impeachment is not a thing of the past it is what we are facing right now. Thank you for viewing!

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