Video: The Best Pro-2nd Amendment Speech Ever

Aaron Weiss, an Army veteran and cop,  gives the best 2nd Amendment speech ever, to the Dutchess County Legislature in New York…

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  1. Outstanding !!!!!! ! A true American hero !

  2. A great deal of true Americans feel the way this man does and are willing to back it up. Spineless liberal leadership should take heed that they will no longer be tolerated for the disastrous legislature they approve and will be held accountable. More people like Aaron Weiss need to speak up and be heard!

  3. Rick Tedder says:

    I too am a military veteran and am appalled at the way our military is being treated as well as our present civilian population. I was awarded the silver star, bronze star and the air medal for service in Viet Nam. I say this not to make a claim to any fame but to assure you that I speak from experience. I could never have imagined the degradation our citizenry has been forced to accept under the failed leadership of one Barack Obama. Not only has he diminished our militaries moral, but he has attacked every decent individuals rights and freedoms. The men and women of our governing body are as guilty as he for condoning such outright treason against the American people. You should all be lined up and shot through the head. This country could be no worse off if none of you had a job. Sincerely Rick W. Tedder Farmington, Kentucky

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    I'm not sure what the Safe Act is but when you hear from a real American hero then you know iot's bad.This being done in NY what else would you expect.Like all of the northeast states they are nothing but liberal commie loving people not all but most of them. New Hampshire use to be a freedom loving state but look what they turned into

  5. Charles says:

    First off all , I thank Cop. Aaron Weiss for his service to our country . His speech said it all ! For our liberal friends there are millions of American patriot who that think the same way .

  6. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    LOVE IT! Get this viral on YTube and the whole of our country, our citizenry, will support NO IDIOT GUN LAWS! F*#k OBAMA!

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