Video: The Anti-Americanism Of Harry Belafonte

A quick look at the anti-Americanism and black racism of Harry Belafonte. Belafonte calls Obama’s political opponents a “corrupt infestation,” whom Obama should jail like a Third world dictator. The Nazis also spoke of the Jews as a human “infestation.”

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  1. Bill Martikainen says:

    He ought get back on the banana boat and go back to where he came from

  2. Belafonta's brain died years ago. Please Harry go away!!!!!

  3. Coldcowboy says:

    There are black people and there are n i gg ers, Belefnte is a n i gg er.

    • HA! I am so GLAD that you wrote that! I mean, someone should have said it before now, but thank you very much for doing it! Along with him, that includes Jamie Freak Foxx, Bill Cosby, Danny Glover, Morgan Freeman, Whoopi Goldberg, and many, many others who are of the same “cloth” as this good for nothing peice of has been. Not that he was ever much of a “been” but he is for sure now, a HAS BEEN who has lost what, if any, respectabiltiy at all. Another in a long line of Dumb “N” words! Each time one of these idiots open their fat stupid lips, they show just how ignorant and stupid they are, and give those of us who think of them this way more reason to beleive that they are just that, dumb………..stupid, unintelligent, a total waste of flesh and waste of space. Someone should take their asses and throw them in prison instead of the other way around, it ought tobe a crime to be so utterly stupid, and still be allowed to show their ignorant faces, and their ugly attitudes on national tv. I admit, I have no use for, nor any respect for most of those with darker skin than I do. I beleive it’s called being a racist. Well, I didn’t ask for this name, nor attitude, but got it anyway, simply because I do not like, nor support this “negro” in office. As a matter of pure fact, I despise him and all that he is and everything he stands for, which is everything I DO NOT STAND FOR! This is the reason I have been branded a RACIST! So be it then.

      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Dis you forgot Obutthole one of the biggest racist going along with Clyburn.Sharpton,Watters,Jackson and all members of the NAACP.

        • kypatriotpeg says:

          I know this is a little late BUT, lets NOT forget Obummers BIG worst half, MOOchelle!! Remember the 1st time she was proud to be an American? When her scum bag, American hating, Muslim loving so called president, of a husband was "elected" more like "PUT" into office?? Should have kicked them BOTH to the curb right THEN!!!!

          • Edwardkoziol says:

            kypatriotpeg you are so right I did forget about the Grape Ape one of the biggest racists going

      • You left out Samuel Jackson, he's one racist dude, not what I wanted to call him, I don't watch any movie star on anything, the white liberals are just as bad as the black one's!

      • We CAN NOT forget the beloved OPRAH!

        • Oh YES, Irosin! I DID forget that sow, THAT HUGE FAT MOUTHED STUPID SOW WITH AN EGO BIGGER THAN HER ASS! Which, is pretty damn big! She and old OINK OINK ought to be friends, although I read where OINKER banned her, OLARGEBUTT from the White House after the first “election”! I guess they are not BFF’s………….????? Wonder why that is? And to the rest of you, I did forget a few more, a LOT more actually, but there IS a LONG LIST OF THEM, so I do apologize! Samuel L. Jackass is one I have come to utterly despise, and even hold in serious contempt, because he said “I voted for Obama because he is black”, and that was apparently the ONLY reason he did so. Talk about a DN! Geez. But, there are a lot of such out there in America, so he ain’t the only one! But given his fame and all, one would think he’d be a little bit more “intelligent”, ………well, maybe not, it might not be possible for such people to retain any kind of intelligence at all, when it comes to downright using their small brains for such important decisions as to who is in control of their lives, and everyone else’s. I am sorry, but I wonder if our forefathers had a point when they thought what they did about the “negros” back then…………..I can’t help but wonder these days IF??????????………hmmmmmm

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      so true

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    We should find some people who would take Harry Bellyache into the wood shed and give him an attitude adjustment by hitting him in the balls with a banana.This igger should be onthe FBI most wanted terrorist list

  5. Why all these haters of America are not moving out to other countries where they would be so happy???
    They all are enough rich to settle in any country of their choice.
    Harry Belafonte didn't hate moneywhen American people pay for his concerts, thanks to them he is reach….Now he hates same people???
    Just like Hitler, he and other muslim leaders call for the masacre of innocent people – they should be removed from the country to preserve the freedom and secure citizens' safety. Such 'home' terrorists are the most dangerous an vicious characters to the human race.

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