Video: Ted Nugent To Piers Morgan—Kiss My Ass!

Ted Nugent does what he does best—puts the Left in their place regarding their idiotic “gun control” meme that has made our society more unsafe than it has ever been.

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  1. So Piers Morgan would love to suck on Ted Nugent's machine. Why do gun control activists and fags breath the same air contamination?

  2. Seeks_the_truth says:

    GET EM TED!!

  3. It's about time someone told Mr. Morgan to kiss their backside on National T.V.!!! Morgan needs to be deported to somewhere like Honduras, where they have very restrictive Privately Owned firearms laws, yet they also one of the highest Gun Murder rates is 68.43 people murdered per 100,000 people. Perhaps then he would have a change of heart about Civilian Owned Firearms.

    Oh yes, and one more things Piersey, you limey bastige…guess which country ranks #1 in the most cases of Violent Crime? It's Britain…2,034 cases of Violent crime per 100,000 people…and where does the U.S. stack up? The U.S. comes in at a lowly 466 Violent Crime cases per 100,000 people.

    Piersey needs to shut his pie hole and go live in a cave somewhere without any other human contact!!

  4. Ted Nugent,
    I agree with you, but I would never tell any of those idiots to kiss my ***, as I am fussy who's lips go on it. These people want to take our guns, cut our military to the bone, are selling 20 f 16 fighter jets to Egypt, who by the way is run by the muslim brotherhood, who is our enemy, forcing us to take their health care, demeaning our country, our constitution, our flag, our national anthem, our military, our God and at the same time encouraging homosexuality, same sex marriage, abortion and other things that the average American is not for. We need to get rid of them, but the question is how? I don't believe voting is the answer as there was so much fraud in the last election that will never be investigated.It is like sitting on the curb with a hose but no water while your house burns to the ground.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    I wish Ted would have reached over and grab the limey bastard by his throat and pulled his tongue out.I thought we signed a petition to get him taken off the air and sent to China.People boycott CNN or what ever network sponsors him

  6. when will America have had enuff?

  7. Ted Nugent had better watch what he says to Piers Morgan because that english boob will take him up on it. But its not Nugent's but that Pierswants to kiss. Send the d__k su___g limey back to england.

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