Video: Ted Nugent Slams Piers Morgan For His ‘Obsession’ With Guns

When Ted Nugent sat down with Piers Morgan in Texas last night, he delivered the CNN host his most explosive interview since last month’s showdown with Alex Jones.

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  1. Go Ted, Ted made great sense and and Morgan doesn't have a clue and likeTed said, he never will.
    I think someone needs to toss Morgan out of the country and tell him .do some reading and listen to America. We will explain the most simple thing in the world to him.

  2. Piers Morgan keeps telling us how little gun deaths they have in England; forget that; how many murders do they have in England? Second England ,( the whole country) is the size of one of our smallest states; anybody thinking about that? He brought up Australia, well it is a well know fact that since they banded handguns ,home invasions and handgun crimes went up; not down, by 60% Piers go home to England where your police are scared to death to even go into your muslim areas. Oh yah England is just great; Oh and so is France for the same reason. If we wanted to hear what some lould mout Englishman had to say we wouldn't have had a revolution or a Constitution ( with e the Second amend which will keep us free); unless we listen to idiots.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I liked what you said and I don't know why some comments are taken off because Floyd preaches about freedom.Send the limey back to England where they will put him in jail.Your also right about controling the ragheads but they have a few brave bobbies who go after camel jockeys.

  3. I would like someone to tell me why my comment is not posted , why was it removed this time?

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    Thank God for people like Ted Nugent who can go after trash like Piers but then look who Piers works for CNN
    (Communist News Network)

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