Video: Tea Party Patriots Muzzled In 2010

The Tea Party Patriots were bribed in 2010 by a secret donor to keep the Tea Parties and 9/12 organizations OUT of politics. The contribution was made on the condition that it would be distributed to local groups and would NOT be used for politics. Endorsements or opposition of specific candidates were prohibited. This means the Tea Party Patriots were effectively neutered already since 2010. The Tea Party Patriots not only sold out, but sold out very cheaply.

This crooked deal is white-washed in an interview by Neil Cavuto on Fox News. The original deal set the trend for the entire Tea Party Patriots movement. Probably, it was just the first installment of a buy-out. Their requested 501(c)(4) non-profit status allows them to accept unlimited contributions from anonymous sources.

If the original Tea Partiers had made such a deal, they would have been prohibited from showing any hostility to the British crown. (LoL)

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