Video: Tales From Fast And Furious: The Murder Of An American Citizen And Obama’s Radical Views On Guns

Part 1 of a video series based on the recently published groundbreaking book Fast and Furious: Barack Obama’s Bloodiest Scandal and Its Shameless Cover-up by Katie Pavlich. This is the book that may blow the lid off of the Obama Administration’s covert plan to disarm America and may bring down the Obama Presidency.

The murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry by Mexican drug cartel operatives armed with AK-47s was initially billed as an isolated tragedy, which then took a different turn when we learned that the purchase of the gun used in Terry’s murder was facilitated by our own government. The Obama administration narrative was that this was the work of a rogue ATF office, that it was simply a “botched” gun-walking operation. But this was no accident. In this first video, Obama Files takes us through the night that Brian Terry was murdered, then looks at Barack Obama’s long history of opposing the Second Amendment that led to an illegal gun-walking program and murder of one of our own.

As the video series continues, we will follow the course of this “botched” gun-walking operation that facilitated the supply of guns to Mexican drug cartels by the thousands and led not only to the murder of Brian Terry, but DEA agent Jaime Zapata and literally hundreds of Mexican citizens. Part 2 of this video series will be released next week.

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  1. di from Oregon says:

    Those responsible for Fast & Furious murdered Border Agent Brian Terry and the thousands of Mexican people who died by those guns. I hope they pay the consequences for those murders.

  2. we the people know the head racist a/g holder is guilty of this fast and furious,and should be brought to justice immediately,and his equally racist ineligible/squatter/communist/upsurp/hitler ovomit should be brought to justice immediately as he is a treasonous trader to the constitution and to the real government the american citizens.and all politicians who allow this trader to remain in office,who took an oath of office to protect and defend the constitution are aiding and abetting this treasonous trader to remain in office,we the people demand an immediate arrest of ovomit and not upholding the oath of office,and ignoring the constitution thats treason.we the people will not rest until this two traders are bought to justice.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and cold case posse and all american veterans and all american nation under god

    • robert, I agree with you as you speak from the heart. (Traitor) A person who is treacherous or disloyal to his or her country. Might I add> This power struggle between Good and evil is about to get real ugly.

  3. CHICAGO – Did the parents of former Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers help finance Barack Obama’s Harvard education?

  4. Evermyrtle says:

    Quite a contrast, Taking our guns and giving them to the Mexicans by the thousand. What is his aim, Americans being unable to defend ourselves when they come after us?????????

  5. Robert Fritchey says:

    If you would like to know where some Government Shills are Located, They are living at 2630 South Federal Blvd, (Apartment B as you come into the Villa Margaux Complex); Denver, Colorado 80219. They have been following us around looking for something wrong to report us for. They have called the City on us a number of times and snitched on us about weeds in out yard. they have snitched on us to the City about bottles laying in our yard they threw there while we were asleep. And today they ordered pizza and sent it to our address. This is harassment by Government shills who live on welfare and have nothing better to do than live off your taxes and harass other citizens who are minding their own business. They are using our tax money to harass us. This is total nonsense. These people are not even Americans, they are from another Country; maybe Albania or Poland. Why do they have the audacity to come over here, get on welfare. and sit around and become Government shills and harass the People who were born here. This burns me up, How about you?

  6. mr_bad_example says:

    they can disarm me one bullet at a time, i have thousands… good luck ;)

  7. Our government has become something no one recognizes anymore, and the whole world knows it is not something good but rather something evil.

  8. Giving assault weapons to the Cartels, while only allowing our Border Patrol bean bags? The bean bag policy is obviously orders from the top. Do you think this ever made news on MSNBC, ABC, CBS, CNN, or any of the other big Lib news sewer outlets? There is no justice against those on top, just show trials..

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