Video: Staten Island Resident Confronts Schumer: ‘We Are Gonna Die!’

Across storm-ravaged Staten Island, frustrations are mounting. One resident there told CBS station WCBS, “We’re gonna die! We’re gonna freeze! We’ve got 90-year-old people!”

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  1. Schumer and Bloomberg are liars and morons but those people keep voting them in and will do so again so I have a hard time feeling sorry for them.

    • Linda from NYC says:

      I am from New York, and when bloomyboy change the term limits, to run another term, people were furious and told him so. I would not be surprise if bloomyboy stole the election. And yes you are correct, people keep voting for these idiots, that do not care for their citizens. When ever I hear that obama the communist is in neck and neck with Romney, I wonder why so many people do not get it. obama is bad news and he will bring this country down and by the time these useful idiots wake up it will be to late. I will be there to vote obama out of office. This is one election that I will not miss.


      • Edwardkoziol says:

        Linda I really feel your pain to have a mayor like Doomberg who cared more about the marathon then he did about the people suffering from Sandy.Do you think he is for the elite in upper Manhattan or for the average New Yorker.

  2. Well you get what you voted for. You keep voting these idiots back into power and here's the results. Those who voted for Obama, you should take heart. I hear he's sending you some solar panels and some windmills so you can get power! Gas is only for McCain voters who, according to the eviro wacko's don't care if the planet dies. Elections have consequences folks.

  3. Shumer doesn't give two shits about anyone but himself.

  4. Keep voting these Marxists in you get nothing but misery, they could care less about you or yours.
    They only care about your votes to retain their power and graft money kickbacks from the lobbiests.

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Chunky doesn't care as long as they vote before they die.As Alan Cranston said democrats want you to die but only after you voted.Actually the dead can vote in elections according to the liberal dems.

  6. If those bastards in power would STOP spending on BS programs and giving millions and billions to muslim terrorists , there would be money and man power to use on disasters here at home!

    • Just ONE EXAMPLE: Soccer fields for the GITMO terrorists.

      • disgusted says:

        Irosin, ARE YOU SERIOUS? socccer feilds for TERRORISTS? I hadn’t heard that one! Well, what does anyone expect from “their brother in office/arms” other than this? New York was one of the states which SUPPORTED this SLIME in 2008. Sorry, Linda from NYC, but your state needs to wake up before worse than Sandy hits it. And, what is worse than a hurricane, you ask? Barack HUSSEIN Obama! There is yours, and our, biggest problem, there is our BIGGEST DISASTER TO HAVE EVER HIT THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!! Next on the list would be the little short shit, Bloombag. He’s the next thing NY needs to tend to, as in throw his little traitorous ass out the door, and tell him not to come back……..a very offensive little turd, this short little shit, Bloombag. But, all any of us can do is vote, and hope/pray for the best outcome………..which would be to get this slimey, mu SLIME out of our White House for a start. Then, get the other useless trash out of the House, the Senate, and Congress, and by all means, LET US NOT FORGET THE “not so supreme court” which need to be dealt with. Traitors and liars, and turncoats. Thieves too.

        • Yes, I am serious. They spent millions for these terrorists to have these soccer fields! But this is ONLY 1 of SO MANY that this administration has spent of OUR MONEY to support OUR ENEMIES WHO HATE AND WANT TO KILL US!

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