Video: “State Courage Rising”

Kansas is showing no fear and leading the way in standing against the Washington DC bullies who threaten freedom!

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  1. Load and Unlock

    Molon Labe

    Vietnam Veteran

  2. When will the Americans stir themselves and start fighting for their country and for the future of their children? Are they in some kind of trance? HAARP low frequency signals impairing their critical thinking or just instilling a sense of fatalistic suicide?

  3. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    The Kansas 2nd Amendment Protection Act, now signed into law by Governor Brownback, is one of the strongest in the country to defend the right to keep and bear arms! However, the struggle supporting the right to keep and bear arms is far from over. Every city, county, and town in the state should be pressured to pass the 2nd Amendment Preservation Ordinance to ensure that the new state law has serious impact.
    The left wing central government politicians are calling all of this 10th Amendment State’s rights nullification talk “craziness”. Remember Carter and national 55 mph speed limit, any state that did not comply, didn’t receive Federal highway money. States eventually said screw this, and now we have liberalized, locally controlled speed limits. Obama wants to control every aspect of our lives. From education, property, self protection, and health care, tyranny is upon us. Oklahoma was leading way with:
    SB93 introduced 2/4/13, One quirks of the Oklahoma legislative process and the U.S. Congress is that it operates on a two-year cycle. A total of 2,085 bills and resolutions are being carried over from 2013. Here are a few of them: SB 93, by Sen. Patrick Anderson, R-Enid: Declares the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act invalid in Oklahoma. Will the state decide to openly defy federal law? TBD,
    HB2073 introduced 1/17/13,
    HB1021 introduced 2/4/13 passed house 72-20, Oklahoma State Representative Dr. Mike Ritze recently introduced HB 1021 to nullify ObamaCare. He addressed the Council of The John Birch Society, members and staff at the dinner conference held last fall in Houston, Texas. His speech focused on the efforts that Oklahoma was undertaking to block the new health care law
    Oklahoma will still lead in the Nullification of Obamacare!!!

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