Video: Speaker Boehner Needs To Go!

I know I am not alone here…

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  1. Gilberto Garcia says:


    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Amen to that

    • Gilberto, I like the way you spelled “POLITICKS!” It FITS, THEY ARE JUST WHAT YOU WROTE, TICKS, SUCKING THE LIFE BLOOD OFF THE PEOPLE TO WHOSE BACKS THEY HAVE DUG INTO AND CANNOT SEEM TO BE REMOVED! You might have spelled that word the wrong way, but I DO beleive it was written most PERFECTLY SPELLED! TICKS! Good one there Gilberto! I love it! I’ll use it myself, if it’s ok with you, a lot of “TICKS” IN THE POLI “TICK” ical branchs of the halls of INjustice and OUTlaws!!!

  2. YES, Boehner needs to go!!! He does NOT have the best interests of our country in mind for anything he does. He and others like him will bring about the doom of the Republican party!!! BOEHNER NEEDS TO GO!!!

  3. This gentleman is so right, Boehner needs to go! He is weak as hell with no back bone. Stand up for the people, and for "pete's sake" start the impeachment process. You can stop this dictator and free the people.

  4. mary vitrano says:

    Man UP or GET OUT.
    Our country is going to be Socialist and you are doing nothing!
    Mary Vitrano

  5. James Loney says:

    This "Rino" should be removed immediatly. He is not working for the American people. It appears that he is in bed with "Commie Obamie" and doesn't intend to do our will. The guy has no guts at all. He needs to fight this Commie so called president tooth and nail. Impeachment procedings should have been started.

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    John Boner is a patsy for Obutthole and what this video says is right on.You are as crooked as the Obutthole regime and all these elected officials are just getting richer off the backs of the american public and this is both sides.

  7. I, agree Boehner, needs to go but lets don`t stop there. All of the old Republican`s need to go, this is the Stupides group of old fools, that ever served the Party. They just set back and take a beating from the dems everyday and they act like is ok. When they do comment on an issue, they start aplogogize and go on the defense about their statement, by saying they didn`t mean to offend anyone. Well the dems don`t give a dam because they mean what they say. Lets hit the reset button and start over.

  8. Sign the petition to have a new election or to have recount of the election

  9. Sign the petition to have a new election or to have recount of the election

  10. he is a discrace to his state and his country and he is a big lier to boot i mean you boo-no-more. you never would have got your votes if we knew who you would become cowerd that you are. shame on you!

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