Video: Speaker Boehner Bails On Obama Investigation

Sheriff Joe’s Lead Investigator: John Boehner Not Allowing Congress to investigate Obama

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  1. lee gasparro says:

    I am sickened by this. Our tax dollars are paying for this man’s salary.. This is a disgrace and an outrage. I’m disgusted.. Would move outta the country if there was somewhere else to go. God help us… Cause we’re screwed.

  2. How much money did Boehner get UNDER the table to stop this…. How does it feel to sell your soul for evil malicious purposes Boehner..!!!!!!!!!!!!
    You know as well as we know ob is NOT a US citizen. Every law created during his "dictatorship" is null and void. BUT if the truth is stalled long enough all the evils planned for we the people will get enacted and will become harder than he!! to reverse. You are just as despicable as ob, pelosi, Reid and the rest of the insane deranged mob. To think those leading our great country are so mentally deseased. We are forced to trust the likes of you. I think not. It is time to kick you all out except for a very very very few.
    Kudos to Cruz, Paul, Lee, McConnell, Moran, etc. those few. But You must go Boehner. We are sick to death of the corrupt dishonesty and down right evil terroristic Disobidence Erupting daily in Congress. You are the terrorists in this great country. Obviously you love evil. Well I don't.

  3. I would love to see Boehner be ousted as the Speaker position – he needs to go ASAP!!! Impeachment proceedings should have been already started and Boehner is holding that up. Bye bye Boehner — just resign!!

  4. wayne mann says:

    Let’s hope and pray they get rid of this drunken peice of Socialist Marxist crap.!!!

  5. Edwardkoziol says:

    Let' face it Speaker BonerBoehner is a tool for the Obutthole Administration and like a good servant he will obey his leader and screw the American people.They don't need Poopalosi when they got golfer John. When will the republicans wake up and remove this piece of shit.If the shoe was on the other foot Plastic Nancy would already be doing what ever she could to bounce a republican president like theytried to do to Bush with illegal voting.

  6. Jeff Quandt Jr says:

    Boner has to go. He's weak and ineffective. Stop fooling around with all of the rino mush in congress and get some people in there that are serious about doing the work of the people.

  7. No wonder we who write and phone congress about OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE get the same old letter and the same old excuses ! Boehner just who are you working for?

  8. murryblue says:

    Boehner….not surprised by anything Boehner does. He is a loose cannon who appears to have a drinking problem or something along those lines. No one boo-hoos like he has on live TV without having some mental problems. Get him out of there; kick him out of his seat. He does Republicans no favors in anyway….he might as well have a big D tatooed on his forehead. He disgusts me in everyway.

    • wayne mann says:

      If we don’t start screaming about immigration reform they will pass it this week. As I said before every 30 days 100000 illegal Invaders come across our borders. Raise hell with your congressman and senators if you can’t reach Washington call the county office for your senators and congressmen. And while you have them on the phone or by email give them hell about taking our guns because they are coming again soon.!!!

  9. Dorothy Jean says:

    Allen West for Speaker of the House. ALSO FLAT TAX!!!!!

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