Video: South Carolina Seeks Voter Fraud Probe, Holder Says No

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  1. He knows voter fraud is rampant and that is the only way Dictator Hussein can win. The SOB Holder needs to be arrested, tried and hung for treason.

    • I agree!!! Obama has gone beyond impeachment and now needs to be removed , along with Holder and every other person who signed off on the placement of obammi on the ballot for POTUS without the proper open and transparent knowledge of his birth certificate and school records etc. Put them in jail. NOW!!!!

  2. IF YOUR OLD ….YOUR BRAIN IS MUSH !!!!!! and you are not competent enough to get an ID, IF YOUR A DEMOCRAT VOTER , YOU ARE AN IDIOT, THE COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY LOOKS AT YOU AND TO YOUR FACE CALLS YOU THE DUMBEST LIFE FORM IN THIS COUNTRY, AND WHAT DO YOU DO ……. that’s right, you crawl to the polls time after time and give THE SLAVE MASTERS OF THE COMMUNIST DEMOCRAT PARTY YOUR VOTE , the superior thinkers of the communist democrat party thank you …….you know, come to think of it, the communist democrats are right !!! you BLACKS, ORIENTALS , HISPANICS, OLD FOLKS AND NATIVE AMERICANS ………… ARE ALL A BUNCH OF IDIOTS

  3. BLACK PEOPLE ARE TO STUPID TO GET A VOTER ID !!!!!! ….. this is what the communist democrats think of their voting base, if your a black , YOUR AN IDIOT !!!!, and therefore not smart enough to grasp the reasoning or intellect to obtain a voter ID, if your Hispanic , YOUR A DUMBASS !!!! and therefore not smart enough to be able to perform the simple task of obtaining a voter ID , if your an American Indian ,YOUR A MORON !!!!, and dont have the brain power needed to get yourself a govt voter ID, if your an ORIENTAL, YOUR AS DUMB AS A STUMP and its not worth our time to explain it to you or your time to even try to figure out how to go about getting a FREE voter ID !!!!!

    • You are damn right! Democrat's are all a bunch of mindless dumbass's!

    • jon graham says:

      try lasy

    • americanfox says:

      Do you realize by being racist all your doing is hurting your own cause. We all have to stand united not just the whites. Anymore whites are almost the minority anyways. Stop being hateful and get out and inform the uninformed. There are still countless people that don’t even know what the ndaa is. Spread the word. Knowledge is power. Fight the system the only way we can. Words are our best weapon.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      I've been saying the samething the NAACP thinks american blacks are to stupid to get free voter ID cards

  4. Charles17121 says:

    This is just another way the illegal obama administration is trying to destroy the US Constitution . We The People must demand that US Constitutional law be enforced and this fraud obama be removed from office

  5. VirgoVince says:

    SO…holder and obozo ignore you, why don't you ignore them?? Grow some balls!!!!
    Do what you want to do and do it within your state, like other states are doing!!!!
    While you're at it, join several other states by removing obozo's name from the Dem ballot for president, since WE ALL know he is NOT eligible!!!

  6. kenny1801 says:

    When are these Repubs. gonna get some BACK BONE, SOME BALLS and INTESTINAL FORTITUDE and GO AFTER THESE SOB'S????!!!!

    • Angelicsweep says:

      Kenny1801, the SPINELESS eunichs of the republican party ARE NOT going after obama and stem the tide of voter fraud among the numerous other things obama has done to trash the Constitution! They are scared to death that their little feathery nest will be taken away from them! WE, THE PEOPLE CAN stem the tide by enforcing TERM LIMITS! When are people going to realize the longer these idoits are in office, the richer THEY get, the more powerful they get and the more CORRUPT they get. The reason…the REAL reason congressmen and women want to stay in office is the more wealth they can amass. We now know that the rule of law doesn’t apply to congress, insider trading is making multimillionaires out of these people. Now, just why do you think they are going to jeopardize all that for the good of this Nation? ALL of them are alike…democrap and republicans, they are out for what they can get off the backs of us taxpayers…it is that simple.

    • When WE make them!!! we need to be all over them like a bad suit..and don't let up.

  7. jon graham says:

    if they stopped voter fraud. do you know how many dead people couldn't vote or how many democrats couldn't vote twice. last election i was behind a black man who was asked for id.. he said that they didn't ask for it at the other place that is probley a fourth of the dems voter bass

  8. Edwardkoziol says:

    Holder is not really the AG he is more like the second in command of the black panthers the head guy is Obuma.If all states go to a voter ID they wouldn't be able to have dead people vote or hold voter registration in a graveyard.Allan Wilson is a good SC/ AG.Holder isa poor excuse for a human being.

  9. eric holder scum par excellence !

  10. Holder is a criminal!

  11. Eric Holder is a fraud, and should have fired along time ago. He lied to Congress and should be brought up on charges. The gun running issue was an attempt to circumvent the courts and Congress to push for more gun regulations. He is the first Attorney General, that is the most anti-American we have ever seen. A fraud , like our current President, the apple does not fall far from the tree

  12. . Any government that sues its own states over constitutional issues, of enforcing federal law, is wasting out time and tax payers money. It will come out eventually, that he was not a citizen of the US , and all those who involved in the cover up should go to jail, Pelosi, Reed and others. WE THE PEOPLE ( remember that phrase) deserve better. His time is limited and if the Congress does'nt stop him he will spend another trillion dollars on crap.( or another seperate vacation for him and his wife ).

  13. candyman238 says:

    Well of course Holder is gonna say no. Obama told him to squash any legislation presented that would change the present lax policy on voter registration. Obama can't have any of the states requiring picture I.D. on voters cards cause he has millions of illegal aliens just a phone call away to swarm the polls in November and vote for him. It's Obama's new "vote and run" program for illegal aliens. He relaxes the borders so illegals can pour in from Mexico, get a ride to vote for Obama, then run off into our country and become a burden to American taxpayers.

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