Video: South Carolina Legislature: A Crime To Implement ObamaCare

States Take Stand Against Socialized Health-Care

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  1. Linda A. From NY says:

    Good for South Carolina, standing up and saying we don't want this obamacare nor your money to the FEDs, I pray NY and many other States do the same. This obamacare is going to kill jobs and the economy; this may be the last nail to the coffin of our Country if is not stop in time.

    It boggles my mind how can anyone in their right mind voted for this insanity, worst president this Country ever had, a true enemy of America. America is being destroyed from within and we are helplessly watching from the sidelines being destroyed piece by piece by this fraudster in our white house.

    These traitorous politicians could put a stop to this insanity if they had any morals and patriotism. A bunch of dysfunctional idiots are running our Country right now and I would not be surprise if most of them are a bunch of alcoholics or drug users, power hungry losers.

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