Video: Sources Confirm Obama Purging Military Commanders

Author Sara Carter joins Andrew Wilkow to discuss Obama’s alarming purge of top military commanders…

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  1. MuslimLuvChrist says:

    There are 3 major predictions for obama:
    1 He won’t stop a Nuclear Iran.
    2 He will continue spending regardless if the deficit goes >20 Trillion.
    3 He will cut the military to nothing while raising taxes.
    We’ve seen him firing nuclear commanders to bring our warhead count from 5000 to a handful, then he will use that handful for EMP to create martial law to remain in power.
    This will bring about an islamic caliphate to spread islam.
    He wants economic collapse by pushing the deficit >20 Trillion, to make America a third world nation. Based on the history of such an immoral man, we will never get the answer unless Obackstabber is water-boarded or some honest people that are not under polygraph tests come forward, like Gates, but then their lives are destroyed by Obama Chicago style politics. Just ask Ham or Roberts, who are being blackmailed. Or ask Breitbart, who was going to properly vet Obhustler before the 2012 election, and what did he get, death!

  2. Edwardkoziol says:

    We all know why he is getting rid of the generals who oppose his tactics and would nevver turn the military on American citizens.He needs his flunkies in like Dempsey who will do his biding.Obutthole is an American Terrorist and so is Eric Holder.

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