Video: “Somebody Need To Pay For My 15 Kids!”

I’m speechless…

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  1. she needs to go after her daddies and keep those nasty legs closed

  2. Sad… she needs help absolutely and doesn't know how to get it or ask for it. It's about the kids at this point. This is where the church would come in, but that it is like garlic is to a vampire and most self serving abortion minded democrats. That's a hideous contemplation to them.

    • its sad that she thinks she isnt the one that needs to be held accountable. It's mentalities like "hers"(?) that are making this country go down the toilet.

  3. ammalia mirabile says:

    STOP having children! Somebody has to pay, are you kidding. I have two jobs and supported my own children.
    It is people like you who give the African Americas a bad name.

  4. this woman has lost her freaking mind she needs to get off her ass an get a JOB needs to pay my ASS stupid bitch ever heard of a rubber

  5. Send me her address. I have condoms for her. Why is the Fiance in jail ?

  6. I'll pay for sterilization.

  7. Oscar Byington says:

    I would say that the person that was impregnating her needs to take responsibility for the children she has and if Obama says that the government will support her maybe he is the one that was sleeping with her.

  8. No one forced her to have these kids. It was her choice, which was a poor choice. This is again another example of people expecting others to take care of their problems because of poor choices.

  9. Tom Sandell says:

    The only one that needs to be held accountable is you and that worthless ass that you were shacked up with. Any woman that would place herself in your situation and not realize the harm that she is doing to these children that she is bringing into this world, needs to have her ass sterilized and that is it as plain and simple as i can say it.
    where in the hell is your brains woman or do you evan have any idea how to use them. how could you be so damn stupid? you want to thank god that your neighbors are helping and have been helping you.
    As far as it goes, you are just plain ass stupid and that dirtbag that you were shacked up with is a worthless piece of humanity. Cut his "jewels off" and throw his ass in jail. As for you, you need to have your "box" overhauled.

    So long stupid

  10. Someone needs to be held accountable try looking is the mirror you parasite

  11. Ihatelibs says:

    back to Africa

  12. shes responsible for herself and her babies.

  13. OMG lol. STOP HAVING KIDS!!! How can anyone be that stupid. WTF?

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