Video: Sick: Texas Libs Now Creating A New ‘Abortion’ Video Game

I wonder if there will be an ‘I choose life’ option in this video game?

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  1. Liberalism is a mental disorder!

  2. Robert Miller says:

    I wonder if these sickos have considered that, if THEIR mother had chosen the abortion route, they wouldn't have the option of creating sick games for more sickos to "play"?

  3. To abortion advocates: Cry me a river about your obstacles.


    Your fetus

  4. These Demoncrats are sickos,perverted and plain evil.Infanticide is their new agenda.If somebody sane would reflect over what they say and do MAYBE they would wake up.This is Obama's sheeple and he is just as evil if not worse

  5. Hahaha remember when you guys were convinced that you would vote out President Obama last year? Maybe you should just face the facts and realize that your idea of America is gone, and if you don't like our country you can feel free to get out.

    • Hey anti-America Obama minion. Remember what Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto said, worried that the triumph would be short lived as he spoke the now famous words, "I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve." right after ordering the attack on Pearl Harbor? It would behoove you to acknowledge the facts that: a) Tthere are many times over more of us than you, and; b) Many more times over more of us own guns, know how to use them, and are will use them to defend and protect America from you and your anti-America scum.

    • If your mother would have aborted you ………….

  6. Edwardkoziol says:

    What can you expect from the liberal democraps

  7. Kevin Miller says:

    With the liberal agenda running rampant,I believe we should've all expected something like this. Don 't forget,during the early 2000's,the loser libs came out with a game about killing JFK…with us as Oswald!
    Perhaps Conservatives should come out with a game where we,the players pick them off in all their Sick Phases!

  8. Am I the ONLY one to realize that these fat, impossibly ugly, dateless "pro-abortion" trolls don't appear that they will be needing an abortion ANY time soon? Is it just ME?

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