Video: Shocker: Obama Watched Benghazi Attack, Did Nothing

Barack Obama, our “Commander-in-Chief,” watched live drone video from the White House Situation room as four Americans were slaughtered—and did nothing.

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  2. Why isn't that an immediate impeachable crime, dereliction of duty…? Where are the demands from Republicans for impeachment?? Eerily quiet out there. I guess he will get another "pass" from everyone.

  3. Everytime he opens his hole,he lies

  4. this is unacceptible,no way does he get5 away with this I demand the republicans get to the bottom of this and prosicute obamma immediatly,it is a fact that he watch these americans being killed and did nothing to stop it,impeach him now.

  5. Interesting that two drones were in the air, watching the scene before things went south. Now, I would have contended before that Obama wasn't in the situation room to watch the feed because he was doing other things "worthy of his attention", but then I remember that he had a plan for a prisoner exchange. So, he needed to be in that situation room to make sure the kidnapping plot worked. The monkey wrench in that plan was a Navy Seal trying to defend the ambassador that erupted into a firefight. Obama could have used that incident to boost his political image, but then, how would he release the Blind Sheik? He wanted to kill two birds with one stone; respond to a hostage situation and release an ally to our enemies. Since it didn't work out that way, he resorted to apologizing for America (again) and blaming an obscure trailer on youtube. Now, he's trying to salvage what's left of his political career. Too little, too late. Your own foot doesn't taste so good after you shoot it. Take it from Biden. He knows plenty about foot in mouth disease.

  6. disgusted says:

    So, considering who, or more like it, WHAT we are reading about, what exactly IS the SHOCKER? Does anyone expect anything different out of this mu slime who really does want America dead and gone. Not to mention he most likely would shed no tears if we were to all up and croak! He HATES us, how much more proof of this does anyone need? A shocker? not really, not from this bunghole.

    • Edwardkoziol says:

      Couldn't agree with you more but you see how fast he came to the White House to show much he cares about the storm that might get bad like we never had bad weather before.This coon is a good actor but he should be he spends enough time with these clowns in Hollyweed.What hurts is not only that he didn't care but to think David Patreus is sticking up for Obunghole.

    • Pirouz, You wanna advocate Iranian pocily, you’re free to do so. But this is primarily a US advocacy site, so that may not be as relevant as you strive so hard to make it. If this is a US advocacy site I don’t understand why the Leveretts spend so much time defending one faction in Iran while criticizing another. They would be more credible if for example they at least supported their Iranian counterparts people who like them criticize their own government and call for normalization of relations with the United States. Instead, not only they don’t defend such people, they don’t even like to admit that said folks are often intimidated, arrested or put in prison. fyi,A common ground to start from I would say getting people with common goals and interests in one room would be a good start. If the Leverett’s true intention is to normalize relations with Iran and avoid war, then let’s get Iranians with similar intentions in the room and start from there. I’m all but one person, obviously I don’t have any answers Do you have any ideas? Anyone? What would be the common ground???

  7. This makes me sick to my stomach, I have never in my life witnessed a more incompetent, evil man and it's a scary thought to know that that man IS OUR PRESIDENT. We have an enemy within…. and he needs to be voted out!!!

    • Its not like he was sitting there reading a children's book in a public school library as Americans were dying and action needed to be taken is it?

      • Obama lied and 4 public servants died! It took him 2 weeks to actually admit that this was a terrorist
        attack and not s protest over a stupid film. He concocted a story about a film when he knew the truth and then ordered no back up for the consulate. The Libyan President said it was a terrorist attack within 24 hours.All the information coming back within 24 hours showed that it was a terrorist attack. The general in charge over there was removed duty and replaced within 30 minutes of the attack after he ordered his men to help after being told to stand down.We will show Obama what we think of him on Nov. 6th and send him packing! Worst President ever. Jimmy Carter is happy now.

        • Strange since I've seen video of the president in the rose garden at the whitehouse 27 hours after the attack denouncing the attack as a cowardly act of terrorism and that he would find and prosecute those responsible…
          Why do you people omit truth when its convenient?

          • Immediately after the debate Crowley went on to say Romney was "right in the main" he just chose the wrong words to focus on. The Rose Garden speech was a joke. Obama spoke about other terrorists attacks and visiting gravesides of fallen soldiers and then said the "no acts of terror" bit. No doubt written in for him to fall back on later but he in no way led the American public to believe the benghazi raid was an act of terror. Look at his responses in the weeks following. Obama and his minions like to twist a lie until his brainwashed followers happily accept it as truth. Open your eyes.

          • Strange indeed, since the link you provided shows the complete transcript of the usurper’s speech in the Rose Garden of the White House 27 hours after the terrorist attack on our Consulate in Benghazi and nowhere in said transcript does he denounce that specific attack as a cowardly act of terrorism — quite the opposite in fact.

            The fourth paragraph of his speech yields his first, and only, words regarding the nature of that specific attack: “Since our founding, the United States has been a nation that respects all faiths. We reject all efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others. But there is absolutely no justification to this type of senseless violence. None. The world must stand together to unequivocally reject these brutal acts.” — that is blaming the attack on that YouTube video.

            Why do you people lie, then post links proving you lied?

          • Seeks_the_truth says:

            Lets say for arguments sake you're right and obama did call it an act of terrorism in the Rose Garden.
            Why then did he go out later that day and every day since, including sending Susan Rice on the Sunday rounds and obama making a speech before the UN, blame an obscure video for the violence?
            If Obama called it the act of terrorism that it was, why did he and Hillary make a $70K apology video to play in the Middle East for some obscure video that the attack was blamed on?
            Why after 6 weeks from the brutal murder of 4 Americans hasn't Obama stood before America and tell us it was a terrorist attack?

            The "speech" in the Rose Garden on 9/12 had the first 2/3rds of it blaming an "awful internet video" for the attack on Benghazi. Just the first sentence of the last paragraph did he say, after talking about the original 9/11, "no act of terror".

            I know you want to twist the truth to protect your messiah, but you can't "airbrush" history.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        You're right. It was worse. Obama sat back and WATCHED as American citizens were murdered.
        At least Bush went in a neighboring room and issued orders to send HELP to those involved in the attack on the WTC. He didn't sit back, watch and DENY at least THREE TIMES to send help to those being brutally murdered in Benghazi.
        Bush at least went back to the WH to deal with the disaster unlike Obama who flew to Vegas for a fund raising event.

  8. Are you kidding Obama.Most people caught in your situation would be branded a americam terrorist from within and should be charged with felonious treason and impeached immediately.You've worn your welcome out clown brown.

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