Video: Sheriff To America: ‘Forget 911—Arm Yourselves Against Criminals!’

Due to budget cuts and lack of police officers on the streets, a Milwaukee sheriff is telling his constituents to forget about calling 911, and instead take a gun training course and arm themselves against criminals.

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  1. Peaver Bogart says:

    Wat to go Sheriff, We need more like you.

  2. Smart guy .

  3. Sheriff Clark did not say "forget about calling 911". He suggested enrolling in a gun safety course so a person can take care of themselves "until we get there". He still wants the victim to call 911.

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    finally someone with common sense not like that turkey neck dianne Feinsh-t or the Jungle Bunny himself the illegal president.Holder the biggest gun runner unnder Obutthole trying to stop americans from buying guns & ammo.Rediculous

  5. Justin valois says:

    the Sheriff is right, the lib mayor is wrong. I will defend my home, myself, my family, my neighbors.

  6. Years ago when a was alone with my then two little girls, I heard someone trying to open our back door, I called police and ten minutes later they showed up. I was so scared and felt helpless. One of the policemen told me to learn how to use a gun so I could protect myself and my children. I did! It's years later and I am proficient with a 45 handgun. I have taken two courses from special forces guys…I am at least case.

  7. Shawna Dz says:

    A patriotic Sheriff that upholds his commitment to the citizens he serves and protects. Thank you for standing up for the Constitution of this beautiful nation that you help defend.

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