Video: Sheriff Mack On Obama’s Forged Birth Certificate

Sheriff Richard Mack on InfoWars talking about Obama’s forged birth certificate.

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  1. If there is a BC on file for this Fraud in the WH then let the state of HI evidence this doucument and make sure it is verified….I think there are a lot of folks that need to go to jail for treason and fraud….

  2. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Oshamo is a plant — it was decided – yes, decided among the Liberati — that he, not Hillary, another Alinsky loving schmuck, to be fraudulently installed as President. Both 2008 and 2012 elections were bought with false votes — it is beyond fact, for example, in Florida wherein Oshamo wins 146% of the vote — virtually impossible folks…the media is running interference and and the courts are turning a blind eye. So, while Oshamo et al play their fantasy out using our tax dollars, ignore this son of a bitch and anyone affiliated with him and this administration, and arm yourselves — with accurate info and the best ammo you can buy — as the call to duty will come. And you better understand fully what is happening. I suggest everyone read David Horowitz's "Rules for Revolution" to learn about Radical Liberals and that Oshamo and the majority of this administration is replete with foreign radicals, pseudo Americans, with a proscribed agenda. Just so you know up front: They don't give a damn whose life gets snuffed out along the way to their delusionary nirvana. Immigration? It is all being done as a means to turnover the American population by letting in with no strings attached, a new crop populace. One that will be fully compliant and be in servitude to the likes of Oshamo-Alinsky..

  3. The Government has committed Treason!!! Time to Hang them!

  4. Edwardkoziol says:

    You can have all the proof you need but there isn't a republican politician with aset of balls to go after this igger because they're afraid of the backlash that the boogies will do.You figure with Holder & Oblameo they'd let the colored burn America to the ground and not do didley.

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