Video: Sheriff Joe: Obama’s Documents Are Fraudulent

God Bless Sheriff Joe for continuing to speak th truth. He won’t be intimidated by the liberal media into shutting up about Obama’s fraudulent Birth Certificate.

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  1. There should be a scheduled march on the W.H. raising the questions of O's eligibility? Who of our cowardly Senators and Representatives will finally step up to the plate and demand impeachment proceedings be started

  2. bobindallas says:

    Rumors tell that BO is being groomed for Jay Leno replacement. Every thing that BO says is so hilarious that he doesn't even need a writer. And, BO can even do the show from his new multi-million dollar home that he just bought using our taxpayer money.

  3. well do something about it and stop acting so cowardly!

  4. The ONLY peoeple who don't want to disclose the TRUTH are people with something to hide! Who said that, yeah, and he has something to hide!! Let the " LIGHT of the TRUTH" be shed on this matter!!

  5. obama has duel citizenship if he ever had one for US which makes him unqualified to hold office! He had to be Indonesian citizen to attend muslim boys school. This is documented so what is the problem? Indonesia does not allow duel citizenship. Unseal his school records to show he applied as foreign exchange student so we would pay for his education. He has gone by an alias and used fraudulent social security numbers. He is a criminal!!!!

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