Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio March 31 Press Conference – Full Video

Full video of Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s March 31 Press Conference/Presentation at the Church on the Green in Surprise, AZ.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Mike Zullo presented to the general public some of the results of their investigation into the online birth certificate and selective service registration card of Barack Obama. Most of the event was comprised of information that has already been released in earlier press conferences, but not widely reported on by the mainstream media, out of fear of ridicule, or perhaps fear of sanctions by the federal government.

Use the following links to learn more about the presentation.

Highlights from the Press Conference

Pictures from the Press Conference

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  1. charles1712 says:

    If anyone watching this video dose not come away with the knowledge that barack hussein obama is a fraud and a criminal I don't know what to tell them . The evidence is so overwhelming that We The People have a fraud sitting in the White House going by the name of barack hussein obama using a stolen social security number ,a forged birth certificate and a forged selective service card . This fraud on the US Constitution and the American makes Watergate look like child's play .

  2. michelle says:

    who cares you’re paying our retirement. My mom stays in that white house for free. and we still collect so keep donating. we need all we can get okay so we can get our secret service for life entitlement. you don’t think were going to spend the last four decades of our lives in the united states do you. so obama 2012 2016 vote for martial law. george washington served 4 terms why can’t we. we hope to divide up some latino segment of the population so they will fall in line with our dictate as well.

    just joking I’ll release all my records now. no drama for barack obama or his baby mama whoever that turns out to be . so did I have to actually attend harvard in the united states to be president of the quote unquote harvard law review. I had a hack hack hack in cough so I was never in the country not much of my life. that’s right you’re right when you wonder just how american I am . I don’t ACT american do I? which 1 of the 57
    states he claims he have campaigned in, do we want him going back to?

    or do we have to wait until 50 years after his death.

    to read the literary publication: george orwell, THESE 57 UNITED STATES.
    he’s quite a scholar. maybe this double agent meant hawaii was it 1957 it became a state…
    maybe some kind of brain fart, it’s not like he’s had children like s arah palin has, I think he has studied a lot
    of detailed information for 1 man who never really lived anY 1 location for that long to learn. he’s no natural american. technically we don’t know where he’s from. to me gentleman abbie hoffman that’s all. sorry rambling

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