Video: Sheriff Joe Arpaio: I’m Not Going To Back Down From Obama’s Identity Document Fraud Investigation

Sheriff Joe is my hero. He is a man of courage and conviction, and he won’t let the liberal media and the political establishment cower him. Go Joe Go.

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  1. Go Joe, we the people are with you!

    • concernedamerican says:

      Yes, ditto. Thank goodness for Sheriff Joe, otherwise, Obama would continue to get away with biggest betrayal to America ever. Thank you Sheriff and you do have a ton of support with you.

  2. March 31 will be a great day for Arizona and the USA.

  3. sheriff joe and cold case posse,we the people are with you,you are a true and trusted,real sheriff of the people,not this treasonous politicians,who have ignored the constitituion and the people of america,but there is a storm coming ,mr politician,and all of you politicians who have allowed this treason to exist,will be hearing from the real government,which is we the politician,better step down from your office,or be voted out of office.god bless ron paul,sheriff joe and all american veterans and all american nation under god

  4. Thank God for true law enforcement officers like you. Please keep up the good work.

  5. Sheriff Joe, even though I live in kaliforniah can I join your posse? You have more fans than you know.

  6. VirgoVince says:

    Hang in there, Sheriff Joe, keep digging, there must be a truck load of incriminating evidence still uncovered!!!! Available videos already provide more than enough to hang him!!
    WE'RE with YOU!!

  7. Sheriff Joe, I have to think you have some good allies with both repubs and a few democrats there in DC. God I hope so.

  8. Sheriff Joe, has Juan McCain offered to help you?

  9. Thank you Sheriff Joe! You are a Patriot!!!

  10. Guntotingtexan says:

    I like that Joe stands up for what is Honest and True. The truth follows honesty. I bet Joe doesn't use a teleprompter. I am sure that Barry does. I am sure Joe has proof. I am sure Barry is hiding something. I like Joe. I do not like Barry. Joe is a truth teller. Barry is a liar. Can you guess why I like Joe and dislike Barry? Or are you gonna call me a racist?

  11. Sheriff Joe, regarding these despicable-thieving-nation killing-parasite leaders it disturbs me greatly that God never shows up to help us, the aliens never show up help us so I have to thank my lucky stars we have you to put the roach light on our criminals in DC chiefly Barry Soetoro. Thank you with all my heart.

    • Craig, remember that we kicked God out of the country? Can't kick Him out and then cuss Him for not helping. And if you have ever read the Bible, you would know that the days on the earth are numbered, and we have reached the end of them. Obama is the BEGINNING of God's curse on us. Hopefully He comes and takes HIs kids from here before the tribulation starts, but we may have to suffer through some of it for not taking a stand against things like abortion, and porn and gay marriage etc…..when the christians are gone from here in the rapture, you will not believe how horrible it is going to be. And the USA is never mentioned in tha last days so that will tell you how bad it will get here. Obama wishes he was the anti-christ, but he is too ugly. However, he IS the doorman…and the ac will rule under the one world order which they are all in such a big hurry to bring about. The answer is have your heart right with God, and then it's not going to matter at all. It's just sad to see our wonderful land that HE gave us destroyed….but we helped. That should make us saddest of all.

    • Craig, never underestimate God !!! He is with us now and has always been here, he has been waiting for us to do our part to clean up this nation. Sheriff Joe has started it and we need to pass all the news he comes up with to all our friends and family. AND, now we have to do our part and contact our Representatives and tell them to pass the bill that will make it a law of anyone who wants to get a position in the state or government, has to have proof of identification saying they are who they say they are….May God Bless our country once again,,,we must pray for forgiveness and for His help, and thank Him for all our Blessings.

  12. SEAN MURRY says:

    Watch your back you know those libs are.

  13. he lives not far from me and have met him. what a great american! i would follow him if asked!
    we are right to investigate obama and now it time for a arrest warrant!

  14. berneemc says:

    I sure hope Joe keeps up the heat, because seems all of the washington pussys are running scared, get out and vote them out, and DON'T RE-NIG 2012

  15. To Sheriff Joe,,,I am sure you have taken on something bigger than you anticipated, but hopefully you will see it through and I pray for your safety. There are millions who are aware of your investigation and approve of it…We need to know the truth no matter how ugly it is. When so many know something is wrong with our system, I believe it to be so, and not all Americans are asleep at the wheel. Obama is the puppet, we know that, the strange part is, why did they pick someone who they also knew was not eligible? The money behind him are the elite, so what was the real purpose of putting an imposter in our White House. He can not possible be the only person so vulnerable to accept such a hideous conspiracy, or is he? This may sound a bit out there, but, I think it is only a matter of time and Obama will be thrown under the bus by the same people who hired him. He will end up to be the scape-goat no matter what. If he is so ignorant to accept such a proposition, I guess he will get what he deserves. My concern is why don't we investigate the mongrels who hired him, such as the prime suspect, George Soros. Why not charge him for conspiring to destroy our country through his evil deeds with his money because he believes he is Above The Law? Just because there are billionaires with that mentality does not mean they can not be convicted. The old saying "money talks, bullshit walks" still stands in our government and our country and the money trace is always where it starts. Obama has no track record of accomplishing anything which is pitiful to say the least since he now sits in the highest office of the nation.
    He and his wife are living "high on the hog" and laughing all the while thinking they have pulled off the greatest scam ever in our great country. I am ashamed to be an American right now. I have always loved this country and thanked God I was born here, but we have been disgraced beyond belief. Everything I was taught about God, Flag, Country and decency has been so corrupted it is hard to recognize that it ever existed.
    Please don't give up the fight, we need you and more like you to stand up for our Constitutional Rights and Laws. We need to take our country back and do away with the ones who are secretly planning our destruction. As my dad always said, "follow the money"!!!

    • You captured our current situation nicely!

      You understand that Soros, although rich and, powerful, is not the sole sourcefor obama's presidency. He is not the one threatenening everyone not to expose this manchurian candiate and, president.
      Who really is behind his election into to office is the : "Illuminati" – plain and, simple; the NWO'ers such as the Bilderbergs among a number of other frontgroups and, their lackeys.
      Many people have died being 'situation-related' to obama and, that will continue until we get him out and, even that may not be possible.
      The pieces are being put into place; he will stay even if it means burning America into the ground-the current 'race' issues.

    • defender3 says:

      Sheriff Joe, I and millions more of patriots pray that you will not give up the fight. I admire your bravery and courage for standing up to Obama and his henchmen. I will continue to support your effort to expose this fraudalent president and his cohorts!

  16. Stay safe. Watch your back. Breitbart comes to mind.

  17. Edwardkoziol says:

    God Bless you Joe and keep up the good work there aren't many with enough balls to go after the Oreo.You would think that the public would demand the truth and the media would go after the truth.Sheriff watch your back don't forget Obuma is a friend of Putin and you know how the russian KGB kill their enemies.

  18. Mutantone says:

    Also show here he legally changed his name back to Obama after his adoption and how he was able to attend public schools in Indonesia when citizen ship is required to do so and what passport did he use to Travel to Pakistan with his "Male" male friend in his 20's

  19. Peaver Bogart says:

    Someone should get to obama right before on of his televised speaches and inject him with truth serum (Sodium Pentothal). Then he would spill all the beans about his past.

  20. hey Sheriff Joe i hope you have a way to ease up the pressure on you so you can release all the stress you are under..stay healthy.this mess has to be a lot of are my hero..

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