Video: Sheriff Boycotts Gun Store For Refusing To Sell Assault Weapons To The Public

A Georgia gun store in order to keep automatic weapons out of the hands of the public—a clear violation of the Second Amendment—has determined that they will only sell to law enforcement officers. But a local sheriff is now boycotting the store for this unconstitutional policy.

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  1. Carol2324 says:

    Oops, there was nothing unconstitutional in this whole scenario as was stated in the remarks!

    Dana Safety Supply is allowed to serve or not serve customers as they wish. The Sheriff is allowed to trade where he wishes. That's how America works.

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      I think you'd read the forms you sign to get an FFL. You'd also better read the forms you sign to get a city sales permit.
      You'll find you're wrong. I'll even give you a hint.
      The part that's unconstitutional really has nothing to do with firearms.
      With the suits queers win against businesses for refusing to bow to their sexual choice you would have realized this.
      This company is NOT allowed to serve, or not serve, the customers as they wish.

  2. Hey Melissa they are not AUTOMATIC weapons!!!

  3. Edwardkoziol says:

    I think the sheriff is right and let others boycott this store since this guy is an Obutthole fanatic.

  4. They should close this communist down and throw him out of the country or burn down his establishment

  5. overmycoffeecup says:

    "But a local sheriff is now boycotting the store for this unconstitutional policy."
    Whomever decided to insert this ignorant comment in the story description needs to go back and READ the Constitution. There is NOTHING in the Constitution about this. The 2nd Amendment is in the Bill of Rights. The only policy the Sheriff OFFICE must comply with is to open bids to vendors ON THE APPROVED list and then select the BEST bid. Perhaps Dana Safety Supply is no longer on the approved list because their police violated the 2nd Amendment. They did it to themselves, if that is the case.

    Hooray for Sheriff Scott Berry!

    • Seeks_the_truth says:

      But the store DID violate our Constitution. As a business, they have no right to pick and choose which customers they are to serve. If it is legal to own, they must sell it or it's discrimination.
      Same principle as the queers that sued the photographer for refusing to take pictures at their "union".
      The Sheriffs department was right to not purchase from a business that is discriminatory.
      Maybe you should read the Constitution, again.

  6. Damn GOOD HIT!! Guns are NOT the problem…people are the problem and the tool is not the problem…people are!! STOP making the tool or the gun the problem! BE Honest…the govt wants Gun Control because it wants control of this people!! Behind EVERY episode of Gun Control, comes a dictator!! Then comes total control of the masses!!

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