Video: Senator: “Republicans are like Wife-Beaters”

Barbara Boxer describes Republicans as violent spouses because of the government shutdown. A college administrator is fired from a Kentucky college because of his conservative views. And the National Park Service continues to barricade Memorials to keep citizens and tourists out in the name of politics. These stories are on

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  1. Good. Impeach this stupid prick. He is not a leader. What leader is going to make comments about the Redskins name, Tayvon Martin and the list goes on. This is not a leader but some butt hurt black man who continually plays the race card.
    His not wanted to negotiate with the budget is another joke. He puts himself and that stupid dem party ahead of what the rest of Americans want. A total disgrace. Oh, and try to send him an e-mail. He shut down his website "due to the budget impasse" Really ? Really Mr non president ? He is a joke to the world. Websites do not need to be shut down because of anything. Nor do open parks and parks that are run by the states. He is punishing the people of America like a little kid. Grow the heck up your jerk !!!

  2. I'd say they're much more like clueless assholes.

  3. Boxer's silly comment does not hold up but it opens a real accusation against the democrats. Sticking generations of young Americans with endless debt is indeed CHILD ABUSE.

  4. Their Alinsky rules of blaming the other side for doing what they are doing is in full enforcement mode. They say the republicans are using fowl comments to ram their rules down our throats. Progressives get dirtier every day. Lying while looking straight into the camera. Complete amoral bunch! This is what we have become under this admin. of divide and conquer.


  6. man of God says:

    “For there has been a scheme and a plan says the Lord, against the President of this nation, to suffocate him.  God says, The enemy has planned in 2010 to bring shame to the first AfricanPresident. So that they will say, ‘Never again shall an African American be the President of the United States.’ This will not happen says the Lord.  This will not happen.  This will not happen.  There shall come a change in the early part of 2010 and they shall say, ‘Look things are not quite as bad as what it seemed,’ for those who have murmured and those who have spoken, those who have spread words out to bring shame to this race.  God says, It has been my desire to raise up a man that would honor me. And they say ‘But the policies, what about the policies?’ God says, I told you I will change everything in the mid term of this President. However, the enemy has planned an assassination to suffocate his voice.  This will not be completed says the Lord. This will not be successful. This will not be the desire of the people says the Lord. There are three groups that have planned this, and the prophet has heard these words.  For the one who prophesied this President into existence will not regret the words that God placed into his mouth.” “Three groups are putting this together to bring shame to the USA in 2010, but it shall be, says the Lord, that I will take my angels and I will cause them to hear the prayers of Daniel, Daniel of old, and the prayers of Daniel shall be placed into this time and into this moment.  For they shall say, ‘What is happening with the prince of Persia?  Why is it that there is a battle going on?’  God said the spirit of Daniel is praying that this will not take place. I will bring freedom to Persia. I will bring freedom to Persia. I will bring freedom to the Middle East but there will not be a peace treaty.  However, the salvation of the Lord shall begin to take place in the Middle East as never before.  God says, Your President shall have a great conversion in 2010 which will bring about changes to this nation and because I have spoken. “Your prayers and your praise shall bring about a change in the atmosphere; your praise and your shouts bring about a change, for you don’t understand the significance of these sounds. I’m not listening to the journalists or the prognosticators. I’m not listening to CBS or NBC or ABC or FOX. God says, I’m not listening!  I’m listening for one sound and one sound only. The prophetic sound that comes from My people as they shout out the victory; for there is a victory that is coming that is greater than ever.  A spiritual renewal in 2010 will break the cycle.  I will break the cycle.  For they have already predicted, ‘ThisPresident is in line to die in office.’  But God says, hear the word of the Lord.  I do not see men the way men see men.  I see men through my eyes. I know their hearts.  I know that the changes you desire politically and economically are not happening. No one can change anything in this Nation but the Lord God Almighty. No one can.  A prosperity is about to come upon the Church in such an unusual way.God says, Athletes are about to arise and penetrate the kingdom of darkness.  Economists are about to come forth from young men and young women and the African American people shall rise up and say, ‘We have been given the honor and the privilege to go into the marketplace and to build pulpits, and to bring people to Christ,’ and so it shall be that I shall put my mantle upon this nation says the spirit of God.There shall be an exposure; a corruption that has been taking place in the political arena shall be exposed, says the Lord.  And they have prayed for this President to lay face down in shame. And they shall say, ‘How is it that he (Obama) was the one who brought the truth out and this that took place, this corruption that was taking place, was not revealed by the journalists of this hour but by the President of the United States?’Why? Because this President sought the Lord, got onto his knees and prayed out for God’s blessing upon the nation. God says, I will honor the prayer in the Easter of 2010.  I will break the cycle.  For they have predicted another one shall die in office.  It shall not be so.  For this President shall leave this office, bringing honor to the African American people.God says, Some will say, ‘Now will there ever be another African in the White House?’ Yes, there will be another. It shall be an African American woman whom I shall raise up to stand in office and you shall be proud in Memphis, TN, for you celebrated the word of the Lord. “I’ve loved to listen to you over the centuries as you have sung.  You sang in pain, you sang in bondage and you sing in freedom.  They will never take your song away. You sang as slaves, as bondswomen, you sang of freedom. And that sound has risen to me todayagain. Certain people of this nation who are enemies of the cross have said, ‘We will bring to shame this race.’Are you not Americans-Citizens of this Kingdom? No, you will not be brought to shame. There will not be another unnecessary death.  There will not be another unnecessary assassination.  For your song and your breath, the fragrance that is upon you has come before me, says the Spirit of the Lord.”Sent from my iPod


    • …Wat?

    • Linda From NY says:

      Your idiot Obama is a muslim communist dictator, what is that you do not understand? about this loser. This has nothing to do with him being black it is his failed policies.

      You sound like a total idiot, this is a Free Country and we are not used to having a nobody communist Chicago thug like obama come and destroy our Country. If this odingo does not like America he can go back to Kenya where he was born and leave us alone. Do you understand that? Troll

    • Are you smoking dope? WTH is wrong with you and all if this crazy gibberish you just posted?

  7. Edwardkoziol says:

    You must realize where comments like Boxhead maam Boxer come from. They come from a bunch of pukes known as the democraps of America. Boxer is your typical jihadist along with Dingy Hairy Reid,Plastic Poopalosi
    Chunkster Schumer, Turban Durban and gorilla girl Sheila Lee Jackson and let us not forget that crooked old igger Charlie "the crook" Rangel these people are the most vile bastards in the world.They would sell their country out in a heart beat.They all play by the rules of Saul Alinsky(some jew who would sell out his own people)

  8. Boxer, you a truly a B*t*h!!

  9. Barbara Boxer must be reading too many Mad magazines again.

  10. what a waste of space this site is

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