Video: Senator: Obama Lied About Obamacare’s Cost, And Here’s The Proof

At a Budget Committee hearing yeday, Senator Jeff Sessions announced the results of a new Government Accountability Office report on the long-term deficit impact of Obamacare.

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  1. Nexgenesis says:

    Obama has lied about everything, since the 1st time he opened his mouth and said he would have the most open and transparent administration that has ever occupied the White House, and then refused to answer questions about his birth place and his qualifications to sit in the Oval Office. He is a fake and he and his supporters, the liberal progressive media know it. He is saying that he doen't want to ban all guns, that is another flat out lie. Obamacare is another lie. The sad part of that is that Congress passed the bill and had not read a page of it. Now we are told we are stuck with it. That is a lie, Congress could defund it in a minute if they had the balls to. What we have in the oval office is someone whose agenda is the destruction of America, and elected Representatives are willing accomplices.

    • Certainly not Nancy "Ya gotta sign it to see what it say's" Pelosi's fault !!!

      • She played a lead role in glossing over his (Obozo) truthful vetting as a legal nominee to the Democrotch party candidacy to the office of Presidency from the get-go. She needs to be strung up IMMEDIATELY after we HANG him ! Next on the list is her left-coast sister in arms DIANNE Fiend-stein !!!

  2. It has been Obama's plan to destroy America if you look at each and everything he is doing it is in line with Agenda 21! If you are not aware what Agenda 21 is then google it people. If this crap continues we are done as a country, we are done being free, and we will live in poverty the rest of our lives, that is if he allows us to live! Yeah he lied but that should not surprise anyone, the fact is he is incapable of telling the truth.

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