Video: Senator: Obama “Has Tried To Destroy Every Institution That Makes America Great”

Sen. Jim Inhofe tells Bryan Fischer that Republicans will win the White House and the Senate because voters know that President Obama “has tried to destroy every institution that makes America great.”

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    I think Inhofe is one of the better senators going and I hopehe is right.The trouble with republicans is they will eat their own while democrats would die rather then eat their own.That old coon preacher saying all white people will go to hell is being championed by the liberal dems or that fat tub of shit Moore making the video with those old senile people claiming they will kill Mitt all approved by liberal socialist democrats.

    • disgusted says:

      Ed, I have come so far from what I once was, before the fiasco of 2008 that it is unbeleiveable. I have no use at all for democrats. NADA! Not one ounce of respect or compassion. They disgust me with their bullshit. And Republicans are not a whole lot better these days. Frankly speaking, I have absolutely no regard, or respect for a damn one of them. They have every single one let our country go to hell, and allowed the citizens to suffer untold indignities, and put us all in harm’s way by their unwillingness to do the jobs that they were HIRED to do. What we don’t need are more stinking, useless, good for nothing POLITICIANS! What we NEED are LEADERS capable of doing the jobs that we, the PEOPLE HAVE HIRED THEM TO DO, PROTECT AND SERVE THE CITIZENS OF OUR NATION! At this point, we NEED A LEADER WHO KNOWS HOW TO MAKE MONEY, NOT ONE WHO ONLY KNOWS HOW TO SPEND IT! And right now, what we DO HAVE is the “one” WHO BEST KNOWS HOW TO SPEND AND WASTE WITH NO INTENTIONS OF STOPPING UNTIL HIS BLACK ASS BREAKS US INTO LITTLE PEICES! What we NEED IS AN AMERICAN BORN PRESIDENT WHO WILL LEAD US BACK INTO THE LIGHT, and NOT down the TUNNEL OF DISASTER AND WASTED LIVES AND TAX DOLLARS! This is what we have now, A USELESS SPEND THRIFT! A LIAR OF THE HIGHEST ORDER! AN ENEMY WHO IS DETERMINED TO RUIN US! And, ONE WHO WILL MOST DEFINATELY DO SO IF WE ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO PUT HIM BACK IN THE OFFICE HE NOW DISRESPECTS AND ABUSES! This “one” who lies with such ease has no business running a cash register at Wal Mart, and MUCH MUCH less business RUNNING AMERICAN INTO THE GROUND SO FAR THAT WE HAVE ALMOST LANDED IN A HELL OF OUR OWN MAKING BY BELEIVING THE LIES HE SPOUTS! Hell, his FATHER’s HOMELAND! Satan, the father of all lies, and, I ask you, just who LIES JUST AS EASILY AND WITH AS MUCH FREQUENCY AS THIS LIAR IN OUR WHITE HOUSE TODAY??? This LAIR IN OFFICE NEEDS TO BE EVICTED NEXT WEEK!

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