Video: Senator: I Will Contact Sheriff Joe About Obama’s Ineligibility

Help Sheriff Joe Arpaio get his congressional investigation into Obama’s forged birth certificate, selective service application card, and use of a CT social security number that doesn’t belong to him. Sen. Coburn said he will call Sheriff Joe when he gets back to DC after the August recess. Let’s make sure he is held to his word. His number in Washington, DC is 202-224-5754.

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  1. VirgoVince says:

    The BC crap has been overdone to death, WE already know it's a fake, so MOVE on!!!!
    What else does Sherrif Joe, or anyone else, for that matter, have that can slap that ugly ni66er right in his ugly ni66er face???? WE already know enough to ARREST ovomit for all sorts of violations of OUR Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill or Rights, WHY is he still breathing free????

  2. LOOK !!! Obama is a FRAUD, we all know it, DAMMIT Congress do something about it !!!

  3. DO IT. Get him out of the White House NOW.

  4. sounds like he is trying too save his job…why has he not way before this time????/ hmmmm

  5. Not fooled in Nevada says:

    Go to others in the Congress — keep finding congressmen and congresswomen who will call the Sheriff ASAP — why not Canter, or Issa? This has to get down before the election or it is a useless effort — 7+ years of time spent to prove the quite obvious.

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