Video: Senator: I Don’t Know Where Obama Was Born

Michigan State Senator Tom Casperson admitted this on “Michigan’s Big Show”, starring Michael Patrick Shiels…

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  1. The Senate does know where he wasn't born! They know they are lying to us, so it's intentional! This Senator is a piece of Lying Crap!!!!!!

    • Joseph Ayers says:

      Congress does know where Omaba WAS born!! Copies of Obama's Real Legal Birth Certificate
      were sent to All Congressmen in July, 2009!!! They were gotten from Mobassa Hospital, Kenya!!
      I wonder why nothing was done about it??? This mystery is deeper than we think!!

      • Yes, I agree 100%. I have personally been educating my representative for over 4 years. It's time to clean house in DC. All 3 branches of government must be removed and most of them Tried for Treason! Many judges have turned corrupt in this matter also. They too, and about all of the Supreme Court, now have to be held accountable for their crimes against The Republic and We The People!
        When I said clean house, I didn't mean in the next election or impeachment. No, these criminals should all be removed from office or the bench and Tried for Treason!!!

  2. Why does the Senator not think they should NOT be holding Obamas' feet to the fire?? Not too bright, huh???
    It is certainly BELOW his paygrade to find out!!!

    • C. Osbun says:

      RIGHT ON!! I think we the people, should hold EVERY ONE OF THESE POLITICIANS' FEET TO THE FIRE! Each and every one of the guilty, anti-americans holding office, who dare to hurt us or going against our constitutional rights, NEEDS TO BE IMPEACHED, and taken in and punished for TREASON…..full punishment BY LAW, with one appeal, and NO MERCY. If we don't get military and other oath keeping law enforcement along with civilian militias in there, to make it right, and re-enforce the laws of our land we have through our constitution which these slime balls swore, under oath, TO PROTECT AND UPHOLD, we WILL LOSE ALL WE EVER HAD to this marxist, communist fraud who stole his way into OUR WHITE HOUSE. Political corrections here, has suppressed our right to free speech, and allowed things to get where they have gone. Its time, and almost too late, in fact, for Americans to stand up, and DEMAND changes and accept nothing less, by getting rid of each and every progressive supporting politician, who has violated their oath of office….from Obama, all the way down to the state Governors who participate in taking away our 2nd amendment rights or any other violation. This nation is in very serious trouble, and worse, if nothing is done. I DO believe there are enough people to be able to stand up and get it done…I hope to God, its done SOON….or we are no better off, than the other countries, ruled by dictatorship in communism.

  3. Obama is a sick leader. And he is not eligible to be the sitting president and these are not conspiracy theories.

  4. BOTH parties, the courts and the main stream (now the state-run Pravda media) are criminally complicit in covering up for the fraudulent imposter Obama. He is not a US citizen. His birth certificate was proven beyond a doubt to be computer manufactured, his selective service record was forged and he holds a CT social security number that belongs to a dead man. The entire government is CRIMINAL in not exposing this Marxist fraud and planted dangerous foreign interloper. Let's see those sealed and hidden college applications, transcripts and writings Obama Hussein Barry Soetoro Obama! Obama applied to Occidental College as a foreign student thus getting preferential admission. The truth will eventually be exposed and hopefully the fraud will still be around to be arrested and hung. Then let's arrest Pelosi, Reid, Kagan and all the others that hid the truth from Americans and lied for this criminal.

    • Yes, let's arrest them all at once! Then we'll have kangaroo courts! And then firing squads! Yeah! Kill them all! Kill them all! Then our Bibles and our guns and–most importantly–our freedoms will be secured! Gold bless the USA!…………………..NUT-JOBS! You are a disgrace to America!

      • Don't waste your time trying to reason with these people…'s hopeless…….just be thankful the Tea Party destroyed the Republican Party as we know it. Let's see what the future brings to America.

        • Seeks_the_truth says:

          At least we know what we will get for the next 3 years or less; more unemployment, bigger national deficit, higher health insurance premiums, lower median income, another recession and anything else that is detrimental to America.
          You can't reason because you use the same old false talking points. Until you come up with more than just name calling and lies, reasoning is far outside your vocabulary.

      • Seeks_the_truth says:

        We already have kangaroo courts and firing squads. Our Bibles, guns and freedoms are secured because we HAVE our firearms.
        The disgrace is the failure we have usurping our White House and his blatant attempts at turning us into a communist country.
        The disgrace is those who are so brainwashed they refuse to see the facts and follow blindly behind the lies and misinformation this usurper spews.
        Yes, God bless America. May we go back to days when America was great. And we will because we will not allow you to take our firearms.

      • jon graham says:

        let me guess. you must be an african. on welfare. and a dumbocrat, and have you're head so far up obummers butt that you can't see strait

    • jon graham says:

      truth is that he has no idea where he's from. he's told so many lies that he doesn't know what's real

    • love for the usa says:

      Well said…..

      WHY WAIT…

    • C. Osbun says:

      Basia: Do you think thats really going to happen? I've tried, God knows, to be positive here with this, with feeling there has to be SOMEBODY who CAN OR WILL care and be able to DO SOMETHING about this anti American group of politicians we have in there. I strongly believe the voting procedure was just a formality as well, because it was already determined by his communist, card carrying thugs, he would "win" BOTH elections, regardless of actual numbers. I don't really see now, how anyone is going to be able to stop this train wreck thats been in progress since the first election. Agenda 21 is in progress. He has just about destroyed OUR AMERICA, and there has been NOTHING but bad mouthing and impeachments, dropped petitions, overwhelming polls, saying to impeach him. He is openly arrogant and blatant on his agendas to destroy us, and he remains in the White House. I have begun to lose faith in our government's support of patriots who just seem to not be able to do anything about this, without dying or disappearing. I'm sure someone has tried, but with the threats I'm sure they have all gotten, they backed off. I've chosen to strengthen my faith in my God, even MORE, to give me the strength to get through what is happening. There aren't too many options, as far as I can see, unless something is being planned that must be a surprise invasion which will turn things around. I DO pray for THAT, for SURE, because this does not look good at ALL. I pray too, that we have more oath keeping law enforcement, military, and all our veterans, who will out number the corruption which has saturated our White House, and do the right thing, bringing them all in under warrants for their arrests and punish them accordingly. These hopes, are always in my nightly prayers. God help us, I know YOU have it under control…

  5. GrandmaAmerica says:

    Two sick leaders, Obama and Biden!

  6. Beyond sick! One illegal Muslim the other suffering from dementia

  7. We can not let obama continue his insanity! No cuts from anything that takes care of we the people. It is our money! No military cuts, no cuts to border control and send the illegals back where they came from. Releasing these criminals on us! Do away with totally the climate control, God takes care of that, Dept of Interior waste, all the favored unnecessary programs that do not take care of us, most certainly the ones that make no sense at all. Minimal money sent out of country, only what we must and none to our enemies!!!! We are being forced in a corner and need to fire the whole lot in Washington and start over. Park Air Force One if we are in such bad shape, Fire Michele's hairdresser and full time make up artist, she can do this herself. obama needs to stay home and if truly this serious put him in a thousand a month rental and close the White House. If we can't pay the utility bill then must go. No more salaries for Washington and current administration. They made this mess and until cleared up no paycheck. No more vacations and obama needs to work instead of living like a king and running for office on our dime and doing tv shows. Only four protection detail personnel at a time. One for each member of the family is all we can afford. Address voter fraud and we can put him and his crazy spending out of our house. We the people have had enough. Sequester????? Another scare tactic and we are done with him and his manipulation. But first and foremost kill obamacare and put OUR money back in Social Security. Thieves! We need a good accountant not a mentally ill person fulfilling an agenda to destroy our country! Don't make us come up there…………

    • love for the usa says:

      sda,great americn. love it… wake up rest..of americans….who is above the low…no one. get the doom muslim black hole out…
      militory run it till get right pure Americn run the nation clean and righteous…God will have a smile on us…
      God justify this …amen////////////////

  8. Obama is like Hitler. Say it at the top of your lungs. The truth is good for you.


    • Comrade Mikey, Joseph Stalin would applaud your attitude!
      You know, Mother Theresa was also like Hitler….both had mustaches.
      Yes, the Truth is indeed good for you…..were you home-schooled?

      • Grit-Grenade Eagle says:

        Yeah…I get it….Mother Theresa was also a Nazi! The logic is so compelling! Who ever said us right-wing nut-jobs were idiots!

    • spelunker7 says:

      Worse than Hitler. His policies will keep killing people for eons. Sixty million voters want it that way, unfortunately

  9. Taxpayer2013 says:

    This is the biggest Issue that needs to be resolved in Washington, DC! He is a very sick Leader! Obama tells us all the time who he really is and people just ignore it. He should be IMPEACHED now!

  10. Fact: There are many sick people in this govt who are allowing TYRANNY and fraud! They are blind and following a fraud leader!! LIES LIES LIES !!! Where is his legal Birth cert? WHERE????

  11. SHOW the American Citizens those Birth records and those selective service records and college records and the whole truth!! What do you have to hide….The only people who don't want the TRUTH are those who have something to hide!!! GUILTY!!!

  12. A. Patriot says:

    If people like "Reason" back barry soetoro (aka barrack HUSSEIN MOHAMMED obama) then THEY are the disgrace to AMERICA and it will be THEIR FAMILIES I will feel sorry for when soetoro starts flying those DRONES all over America looking for LOYAL PATRIOTIC AMERICANS to drop BOMBS ON !!!! and I HAVE NO GUNS and I am not religious BUT I AM A Natural Born American Citizen AND WILL SHOW ANYBODY, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, MY REAL LONG FORM, OR WHATEVER FORM, BIRTH CERTIFICATE !!!!! obama WILL NOT !!!
    I want barry soetoro IMPEACHED ASAP, NOT KILLED !!!!!

  13. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is a typical politician trying to tell the listeners that nothing is being done to find out if Obutthole is a real citizen.The king just won't show his real birth certificate or his school transcripts and the press and congress won't hold his feet to the fire bcause they don't want to offend the iggers of America.

  14. I've said it time and time again, NOTHING will change unless you go after the source such as GEORGE SOROS, VALLERIE JARRETT, and there are so many others that are hidden in the shadows that will continue the agenda, with OR without Obama!

  15. Never believed for a second that fraud was born in America, I hope when the liberal media losses half their pay for O care they will expose the piece of CRAP!!!!. NOT their in to deep. Their affraid of being called a racist. The truth will come eventually.

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