Video: Senator ‘Glad’ NSA Gathering YOUR Phone Records

“I know I’m not talking to terrorists.” Well, yes, Senator, but not having anything to hide is still not an excuse for evading privacy. For example, it’s not illegal to have cancer, have intimate relations with your wife, and put money in a bank. But do you really want anyone else knowing about this? I sure don’t.

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  1. Edwardkoziol says:

    This is my Senator and I think he is a dick head and hopefully we will be getting rid of him.He should track illegals better but he wants to track american citizens.It sounds good to see about terrorism but with Obughole he'll use it to send that black son of a bitch Holder after opoeople who dislike and talk about him.

  2. MSgranny says:

    Graham is brain dead. The worst senator SC has ever had. He needs to get back in the closet and stay there.

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